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  1. Holy CRAP your outfit's adorable! Matches your eyes very well! (Also I'm sorry if this is going to sound rude and/or ignorant, but are you transgender or a crossdresser? Either way, you're adorable as Hell! :D)
  2. :^( When I was doing my first serious trade, going in first giving five Mann Co. Keys for real world money. The person blocked and ignored me right after once I gave him/her/they/it the key... It was horrible.
  3. I'm awaiting for angry soccer moms and ignorant parents to blame a fictional character for the almost-death of a 12 year old girl.
  4. Many of you used to know and refer me as Miranda, or Lady Scrubbington. I've had this curousity ever since when I was 5 about my gender, wondering if I was either truly female or male... of course you obviously know where this is leading to. Well, I won't bore you with a story, so I'll just put it this way: I'm transgender, and I would greatly respect you if you claim and refer me as a male by using male pronouns, and calling me by my new name, David or Lord Scrubbington. Please respect this change, for I'm already have difficulty irl with trying to come out with my parents about this. Thanks!
  5. Slag is known to have a huge, but a very lazy community-- no doubt will the administrators/moderators be the same way. Slag does have a few good servers, but I never appreciate the amount of what they dare to even called "effort" into them. People have so many complaints about not only the servers with bugs and such, but as well as with how admins react towards situations which have to be taken by in their own hands. So yeah, I'm frankly not shocked that this happened to you, yet I'm sorry for you as well as proud. I wouldn't regret anything either.
  6. This I definitely agree, only if Jan had the same sort of mind.
  7. I just saw Frozen and it was good but not as overly great as everyone said it was. In fact, I hate it how people were so dramatic about how "excellent" it was.
  8. I'm sorry, it's disgusting how people are joking about this and as well just making this worse. Considering how delusional you're becoming and how you're reacting towards this terminal illness, I highly suggest seeing a psychologist. In fact, you can even talk to me, considering I'm well-endowed when it comes to psychology. I understand it's uncomforting to talk to a human being face-to-face, which is why I recommend talking to friends who won't discriminate you-- online. If you want to talk about your situation, I'm available at: Steam: Lady Scrubbington™ (xxmandylol100xx) Skype: xclaireykinzx E-Mail: mirandawilliam123@gmail.com --------------------------------------------------------------- We can voice-chat, though may I warn you I use the mic from my laptop. The quality isn't terrible, but you can hear background noises, also sometimes I sound too quiet. Anyways, this sounds like something you need to discuss about with someone at least. I'm concerned for your well-being, and I want to make you feel comfortable and appreciated for having assistance, without discrimination.
  9. :^) Hey, scrubs. I might go on the vSH server soon.. right after I use the restroom. Had a long day at the gym and such, so yeah.

  10. First of all, I would like to know where you got this information. Second, I wouldn't consider disgust with the fandom as a reason to kill Button Mash Adventures. As someone who's been on the internet for several years, I've come to accept that the denizens of 4Chan hold nothing sacred and will make porn of anything if it is amusing to their sick sense of humor. I don't clop and I find clop just as disgusting as most everyone else on the internet, but that is no excuse to ruin everyone's fun because of the actions of a minority. Look at the developer of the indie game, Fez, who killed the development of Fez 2 in order to spite the trolls who were constantly harassing him. The thing with trolls is that they don't care if you decide quit. The only people hurt by both of these situations are those who wanted to see/play a finished product. If what you said is true, then Jan Animations will lose all respect from me for spiting the entire community over the actions of a sick, yet vocal, minority. In other words, the internet is a dirty place, and as an artist if you can't handle having shit thrown at you or your creations, then you're better off in some other line of work. I have many friends who have strong friendship with Jan, and I assure you the resources are correct. (I'd rather not say their names, though. Don't want people to fondle them; they know many more people). Almost ALL of Jan's friends said the same thing-- because of the community and how they turned the cute little series into incest pony porn. (Personally I don't mind cloppers, just as long as you don't do stuff like that.) Also I agree, the internet is a dirty place, and Jan is aware of that but didn't exactly expect this sort of reaction... which he should of, considering how the community and the internet in general can get. Also that last sentence you said is basically the sort of reaction that Jan didn't want-- the feeling that he should expect this sort of thing to happen and for him to "just deal with it". Err, I do agree he should of expected this reaction, but the part of him just dealing with it is what I'm on his side about. Complicated to say you're just going to deal with the porn of a cute animation series made for fun and for the MLP:FiM community; actually insulting in my opinion. Of course like as I mentioned before, he didn't want to tell the truth because he didn't want to be viewed as whiny and such, just in case if you're wondering why he didn't tell. Anyways, that about sums it up.
  11. People aren't aware that this isn't the main reason? This was mainly a reason for JansAnimation was upset at the fandom for the amount of pony porn going on about the show/episodes. Anyways, Jan was actually upset about the amount of clop that was going around in the community of Button Mash's mom, let alone even some nsfw of Button Mash. He became so sick of it that once he did receive this notification, he used it right away as an excuse to escape the clop-festive parade and to just cancel the project since people ruined it basically for him. You know, because hey, let's admit it. If someone said, "Hasbro did it!", no one can complain, because it's actually often true. Although, Hasbro wasn't the main reason. The reason why he didn't want to admit this is because he didn't want to seem like a whiny jerk, which is understandable. The clop fandom is known to shame people who dare to deny their ocs/characters to be sexualized. Enough of that rant, but yeah. TL;DR : Jan got mad at the clop community of the brony community for making porn of Button Mash's Adventures. The end.
  12. ...Jesus Christ, are you kidding me? :v That's just as dumb as FluttershyYAY's experience was. Unfortunately my heart is filled with hidden hate, so I cannot laugh about something which truly would make me upset. At least you're taking it easier then expected. :p
  13. Lord al'mighty. I'm so bored. What do?

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      ...Who said I wouldn't do as they suggest? :^)

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      Quick, what type pokemon do you roll with?

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  14. I do great impressions, especially Scootaloo and Applebloom, yet unfortunately my mic isn't even decent enough to voice act for the project.. Hopefully I'll get a good microphone soon. D:
  15. Can someone ship me to Canada? Please get me away from this Hell hole of the USA.