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  1. Hi guys, just wanted to introduce myself, I'm DerpyToaster. I used to be a real heavy poster on the forums but recently lagged off. Now I'm back under a different name. Well. I've got a bit of a dilemma here. Recently I proposed to my girlfriend, I love her to death and she loves me back and she accepted. Soon after that we had sex and like two unthinking teenagers it was unprotected in the beginning, then I put the condom on. Well its a week later and she just told me she needed to talk to me about something but she would bring it up later. At first I was worried she wanted to break off the engagement but she assured me it wasn't that, she still loved me and still wanted to get married. So I kinda stopped thinking about it. Then all of a sudden I got this horrible thought. What if shes pregnant?? It would make sense. Does any one have any experience with this sort of thing? Or any advice?? I'm 19 leaving for Marine Corp Recruit Depot Paris Island South Carolina in about 3 months and I'm kind of worried. I love her to death and we're both against abortion so if she is pregnant we are going to keep it. Like I said if anyone has any advice please feel free to share. Thanks very much.