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  1. Funny how people come to the same conclusions at the same time. I've been speculating whether my mood disorder NOS might actually be bipolar. Doesn't make much of a difference since I'd be on the same meds anyway. Hopefully this knowledge will help you. Even if just by knowing the depression will end when you're in the middle of a funk. Knowledge is power after all. And more stuff to discuss with your own therapist when you get one. Good luck.
  2. It's no immediate solution, but you're coming up on 6 months at your job. After that, you're eligible for their health plan. Amy can attest, it covers therapy rather well. It's a hell of a lot better than my insurance.
  3. Things are improving with me and Amy. I understand myself better than I ever have in my life. And I should read the forums more often. Pinkamena, you didn't tell me you got the position. Awesome!
  4. I can't imagine how I'd feel after that kind of news. And it is definitely a big deal. Sorry I can't offer anything but sympathies. I've always been an only child.
  5. I think part of why you're not getting a straight answer, Nikki, is because their is no straight answer. It's going to be different for every person individually and for every culture and subculture. And unless someone has thought about their own culture and their own development, they may not even know why they have their own feelings. They just have them and think those feelings are right. A lot of it is ethnocentricity. There is a tendency for people to believe the culture they were brought up in is the right or best culture, and everyone else is wrong, alien, maybe evil, or at the very least a little strange. And people can be very unaware that they have these feelings. They can be hidden deep inside. In the US, a lot of the stigma attached to swearing comes from the nation's mostly Puritan background. People who took the bible literally will have very strong opinions on swearing, since the bible says the worst forms of swearing, blasphemy, can be punishable by death. Even though America isn't dominated by religion like it once was, those roots are there. Scandinavian countries don't have that Puritan background, so I'm not surprised it's different there. Swearing in public is also an aspect of class distinction. No matter what happens at home, proper upper class people don't swear in public. Only low class and poor people do that. So again, there is stigma. Swearing is also a way to rebel against the tyranny and authority of one's parents and the system. Each time you swear without getting caught, it's a blow to the system. But, being a form of token rebellion, it gains stigma from people within "the system." That's just very general stuff about "America" as a very large culture. You've got regional cultures and subcultures within all of that, and all of those apply different rules. And that's all just one country. Then there are personal reasons. I don't like how much I cuss because I know I accidentally offend people sometimes, and because I know it may limit my career if I do it in the wrong place. I don't like for people to swear around me because I don't deal with expressions of anger very well. It makes me jumpy and upset, and I just want to get away. Even someone swearing at their video game can be upsetting. For me it isn't the meaning of the words that bothers me, but their connotations. Cussing is a sign that I should run for the hills before someone explodes. Whereas I've been okay with people who cuss absolutely all the time, because I know for them, swearing doesn't mean anger or danger. I may cringe a little when they do it loudly, but mostly I'll be okay. So why are some people upset about swearing around them? Personal history, upbringing, subculture, culture, socioeconomic status, etc, etc. It's actually a huge question with no simple answer. Since I don't know who will or won't be offended, I generally try not to cuss. I get in trouble less that way, and it's kinder to people who are offended. But that's my opinion based on my background. And to be clear, none of this was intentionally aimed at anyone. I have no way to know how culturally self-aware any of you are.
  6. I'm hoping Anon can find lots of skeletons in their financial closet. Catching them in something that gets their charity / non-profit status revoked would be lovely.
  7. I hope so too. It will keep me from working at any place like the last one, but that's fine, because I will never work in a place like that again. I'll die first.
  8. Just found out I have PTSD-like symptoms triggered by things related to the last place I worked. Joy... Even typing as much as this is a little anxiety-inducing.
  9. My favorite foods are often too soft to have a shape. So amorphous for me.
  10. It's tragic on all sides. I have to wonder how much pain and suffering the shooter went through to get to that kind of breaking point? And the tragedy may spread further now that the media has got wind of the shooter having Aspergers. Now I'm very glad the term Asperger's is getting retired next year anyway. Hopefully some of the inevitable stigma will vanish with it.
  11. When I was small enough to be in diapers and nothing else, I climbed to the top of the stairs, then slid down the carpeted stairs. The plastic diaper on carpet was slick and fast. Mom hears "thudthudthudthudthudthud Whump!" and comes running. Finds me climbing up the stairs to do it again. After watching me a couple times, she decides I know what I'm doing and leaves me to it. Made having company over for dinner kind of funny. Thudthudthudthudthudthudthudthud Wham! "What was that?!" "Just the baby"
  12. I've had this happen in my old apartment, there actually is a name for it. http://en.wikipedia....i/Shadow_people I used to get shadow people and even more often got shadow animals, large dog-like ones, medium cat-like ones, and small rat-like ones. Then I got on the right meds. :)
  13. Mostly songs that make me cry. Melissa Etheridge - You can Sleep While I drive Rufus Wainright - Hallelujah Guns N Roses - Don't Cry, November Rain Blackmore's Night - Now and Then And the song that used to make me smile, a now usually makes me cry. Colbie Caillat - Bubbly. That was "our song" for me and Amy. Now that our relationship isn't a sure thing anymore, the song is as sad and tearful as it was cheerful.
  14. Our family tradition was putting up the tree the day after Thanksgiving. Any earlier than Thanksgiving seems wrong to me. Anything later is fine though. Having Christmas decorations up before Halloween is just obscene though.
  15. My second biggest fear is a combo. The dark, being alone, and open spaces. I'm fine with any one of them. Two of them makes me nervy. All three seriously freaks me out, but not to the point of not being able to think coherently. I have one bigger fear, but I don't share it around because it could be easily used against me on the internet.