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  1. Fight me... Nano Desu


  2. ❤For moderator I would like to see❤: Zeke Aileron™ Zeke shows a great personality and he's always active, he is Friendly would talk anything out, for a while now Zeke has been on the Ponyville Servers/Community and would support anyone, he is a great person and also he is great with the rules! Zeke has been the greatest on the server for how long I been on the server, and for the 4 years I been on the Ponyville Server/Community Zeke Is the greatest person I seen so far!!!!
  4. To me this boss is a horrible idea, It would be understandable if it was released when FNaF2 / 3 but not worth it now, we already have bad hales that shouldn't be on the server. FNaF is a really old trend and it shouldn't have been made in the first place. In the future think of better hale ideas.