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  1. I know those teams started as ETF2L teams, but like it has been stated, they're mainly American players, so playing EU servers can be problematic. I am intending to hopefully get an all EU team, because it's easier that way...
  2. So, upon noticing that we don't have an ETF2L team right now, I'm hoping to help change that. I propose we set up an ETF2L team, because I surely can't be the only EU player on Ponyville, looking to join a team. This whole idea is kind of a toss-up right now, and I have no idea if it will stick or if anyone will even be interested. Of course, if people ARE interested, we'll need to start deciding our classes, division and name, etc. Personally I'd love to play Pyro. So, is anyone else up for this?
  3. Does Ponyville have an ETF2L team yet? Most of the teams I can find, seem to be UGC... :(

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    2. Suitaloo


      SAFF does ETF2L sometimes, but we are in the american league, so it's likely that you'd still be on shit servers for you anyways :/ sorry.

    3. 11111111


      We did ETF2L and we may do it again sometime. But we prefer UGC because it's all American teams.

    4. Sherb


      Yeah, That's understandable ^^ Hopefully this can actually get off the ground a little

  4. I could essentially play Sniper for HL. It's entirely dependent on my ping though. If you want me to cast, feel free to send me a PM with the details. I could also provide videos of my abilities, if needs be~
  5. What classes do you need?
  6. Ah! Thanks ^^ I did check that area first, but all of the discussion seemed to be about about UFF and SAFF, so I wasn't sure if I should put it there. Anyway, to update, we did find a Demo in the end. But now we're looking for (I believe) a Soldier. I'm unsure, our leader is being extremely vague and unorganised.
  7. Sure, why not? :3
  8. Wait, why did I stop using Ponyville again? I missed you guys! ;-;

    1. LVL


      It's totally illogical to leave ponyville.

    2. Coffey
    3. Sherb


      I never left :3 I just... Went in to hiding.

  9. Sorry, we already have 2 Scouts :/ But I'll definitely keep you in mind in case we need a new one or someone to play a reserve for us :)
  10. Hey Ponyville. I haven't been around for a while, but I have returned in hopes of finding a 6th member for my team. I was recently accepted in to a 6v6 team, as a Soldier. We're all bronies (Happened purely by chance, but we then decided we want the whole team to be bronies). I then discovered that our Demo is just an AWFUL TF2 player, which is not good at all. SO. If there are any UK bronies out there, who would like to play Demoman in 6v6 ETF2L, hit me up on Steam and we can sort something out. ~Sherb
  11. I'm particularly proud of this...

  12. So I was hanging around town with my girlfriend today. I got an FiM magazine, it's glorious. I now have Pony stickers on my laptop~

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    2. Sherb


      Oh my god! Could I possibly get photos of that? :3

    3. Calzone
    4. Sherb


      Omai, that's awesome!

  13. For you Pokemon fans out there. And you might like this even if you're not a fan of Pokemon.

  14. Sweet, Okay, I'll update the first post with the code for community etc. We don't need each others friend codes, as long as you have the community code, you can join.