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  1. That moment when you 1v1 a friend on Dota... and he does not know you have cheats enabled. >:3

  2. Banned for thinking 20% cooler is obsolete. It may be old, overused, and terrible, but not obsolete.
  3. Banned for breaking the rule above.
  4. Banned for breaking the rule above.
  5. I'm just stating my own. Maybe you should think your opinion all the way through.
  6. Oh gawd. For the first time EVER, I agree with Ponargonian. I look forward to Friendship Destroyer... I mean... Mario Party 10, and it having a very large pool of characters, where my brother and I do not have to fight over who gets Boo. I agree Birdo does nothing except being an annoying-ass boss in Yoshi Island, but why Knuckles? ;-; Otherwise, Waluigi Stadium was like... one of the BEST Mario Kart stages, so... I am quite fond of Waluigi. He is a pretty funny character, and in my opinion, better than his fatass partner, who in Super Mario 64 DS, had the most stupid running animation I've seen in the entire franchise.
  7. I see you have personal issues with them, but I would like one question answered. Why? What would Nintendo earn by removing them, and what would the people earn? You are taking this personally. Knuckles is my favorite Sonic character, and a bad design can be fixed. Birdo, Daisy, and Waluigi are great as side characters. They could use some backstory development, but there is ABSOLUTELY no reason to remove them. As I said, it would only bring negative consequences.
  8. IMO, none should be retired. Some people actually like those characters, and when Nintendo randomly decides to reuse them in another game, some people will actually be very excited. I actually enjoy the Super Monkey Ball franchise. The game is highly frustrating, almost impossible to beat, and has some ridiculous levels, but that's what makes it fun. Removing Peach would be the single most stupid action Nintendo could ever do, if you have yet to notice that. I actually like all of the Sonic characters. ALL of them. Even some of their side-stories are pretty interesting. Ganon is the main enemy of the Zelda franchise. Why would you ever think he should be removed? Donkey Kong is the most OP boss in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Besides all that, why would they remove them? What would be the point? I mean, "We are removing ___ and ___" would not provide ANY positive consequences.
  9. The worst I've seen is "any1 want 2 trde?" being spammed by a guy. The same person then traded me 3 times. Every time, he put up like 3 weapons and a can of purple paint, and said "Brotherhood of arms?". God was this annoying. The only issue I have with the /rp and /trade chats would be the question: Will anyone actually use them? How will they know they exist?
  10. Does anyone else think Luna's first person view is screwed up?

    1. No Name

      No Name

      You should try celes...oh wait, it's the same model.

      But yeah, the mane blocks your view with that cl_first_person thing.

    2. No Name

      No Name

      Oh, wait, you meant her first person weapon...She has an HHHH that doesn't decapitate, using the primary weapon animation, with bottle taunt.

    3. The_Mr_Kumar


      Pretty much what No Name said.

  11. Well, I was in the server at the time, an he was not only repeatedly using the /me command at an annoying rate, but was also copy-pasting the messages trying to use !me instead of /me, creating a chat block that pretty much took over the entire chat. Also, me and a couple people told him to stop MULTIPLE times, and he ignored us every. single. time. He had this coming. He was warned excessively, and kept going, not caring about others.
  12. First Earbuds get! I'm so proud of myself. Now to get that unusual!

  13. I'm desperate to sell the low-crafts I have. I want an unusual. ;-;

  14. Not really. A couple X-Accuracies, Zoom Lens, and a level 100 Rapidash (for the base speed) with Horn Drill should do the trick on any pokemon. Banned for not realizing there is ALWAYS a counter in the Pokemon world.