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  1. INTP, the "Engineer". I remember taking a much briefer version of this test in my sociology class and I got the same result.
  2. Been playing this series for as long as I can remember, it's a real shame about the rough patch it's been going through for the past few years. Paper Mario 64 is my favorite. There's no other game in the world with atmosphere so charming and cozy. Super Mario Galaxy is my favorite game in the main series, but I have a strong distaste for its sequel. Sticker Star is pretty baffling to me too. It's like someone just described Paper Mario to a company, and then they tried to make a game of it without even knowing what made the games good in the first place.
  3. Selling a Fancy Fedora for a Warrior's Spirit back when I was new and bore a "Hats don't matter!" mentality.
  4. I feel like Twilight should have had to overcome more of a trial to earn her alicorn status but I loved the episode anyway. The whole atmosphere of it was great, it had a much broader range of tones and emotions than your run-of-the-mill episode. And it did a good job of making the season feel wrapped up while still leaving room for surprises in season 4. I guess it felt rushed but it was done so well that I don't even care. But this episode has brought out the absolute worst in the fandom. I've stayed involved with this fandom because it was just optimism and good news all the time. All the dissonance surrounding this episode is nullifying the reason I enjoy bronydom in the first place. If anything, Twilight becoming a princess was a good way to introduce change to the series. I'm personally anticipating that it allows the show to cover more than just the gang's exploits in Ponyville. @SirRobin: Did you seriously just make that "Fuck Hasbro and fuck this show" comment before even watching the episode? You've got to be joking.
  5. Best Spike episode. By such a huge margin. Besides, it had Gummy in it, and you can't argue with that. Also I really liked the ending where Angel helped Spike out. He spent the entire episode- nay, the entire SHOW being a grump and a jerk, I loved seeing him do a good deed for the first time.
  6. koth_ashville and koth_arctic are both terrific maps that I'd adore having on the rotation. While I'm at it, cp_frost is also a really great map. It's even seasonal!
  7. While I didn't by any means dislike this game before, I thought that Paper Mario for the N64 was the weakest of the Mario RPGs when I was younger. After it came out on the Virtual Console, I decided to get it again and do another runthrough of it. Now it's my favorite game ever. Similar instance; a few days after I beat Final Fantasy VI for the first time, it left a sour taste in my mouth and seemed to me like a game that did a lot of things right, but too many other things wrong. Replaying the game earlier this year gave me a whole new appreciation for it, and I'm now able to overlook most of the aforementioned flaws.
  8. I'd honestly rather have a confident and showoffish character than a modest and self-deprecating one. S'why I like Rainbow Dash and aren't a huge fan of Fluttershy. On a regular day, Dash will make fun of her friends and jab at their ribs, but she's truer to her element, loyalty, than any other pony. She just doesn't get as many chances to show it. Every so often she makes it clear that she does genuinely care about her friends, and in these situations she can be nice, even affectionate. The show would never be this dark, but Rainbow seems to me like the kind of character that would lay down her life if it meant protecting her friends.
  9. Wow, a Scootaloo-Luna interaction was just about the last thing I expected from this episode. Loved this one. I also didn't realize just how much I liked Rarity until now.
  10. The ending was sweet, I was fearing that it would end just like Boast Busters with Trixie saying something pretentious and then running off. I'm glad they took this route instead, I like when villains in this show redeem themselves or at the very least apologize. It makes the episode seem more wrapped up at the end. I think last week's episode is still the best of the season so far but I'd put this one in second place.
  11. I don't think bronies are too negative about the CMC anymore. I remember back around the time just after Show Stoppers was released, people were pretty jaded towards the Crusaders, but it looks as though they've grown on the fanbase. I mean, just look at how many bronies you can find gushing over how cute Sweetie Belle is. Personally I've always liked the Crusaders, in fact I consistently find myself enjoying their episodes more than the ones that star Twilight and company. Rainbro Dash nailed it in one of his posts when he said that the Crusaders are interesting and fun because they're still developing, as opposed to the mane six who already have their own traits and personality quirks. The Crusaders are more like blank canvases that the writers get to keep adding more and more on to.
  12. Really liked this one, I tend to always enjoy the Cutie Mark Crusader episodes. I ended up rather liking Babs, too. I love those cute little eyes of hers. Song was certainly amusing! I thought it was a parody of something but I couldn't quite put my finger on it. I think the Doctor is right on the money, it's got a Spice Girls feel about it.
  13. Pinkie's "Wheeeee!"s never stop being adorable.
  14. Great stuff. I missed these ladies. And season three is looking up from the commercials we saw during these episodes. Yeah, remember, there were a few non-Gak commercials here and there?
  15. Scout: Get a decent meatshot or two with the Scattergun and then finish them off with the Pistol, which I sometimes pull out too early. Soldier: Jump, fire rocket. Jump, fire rocket. All the while, I try to make my way to a good highground. Pyro: Take alternate routes, waste time by doing so and not getting any kills, then hide in corners and degrease people when they run by. Airblast + Reserve Shooter for more direct encounters. Demoman: Use the Scottish Resistance to lay traps, spamming stickies is less fun for both the hunter and the hunted! I'll usually keep a few stickies on the point if there is one. Heavy: Try and catch enemies in tight spots where I can mow them down. Try. Engineer: Build a Sentry and have it get destroyed because I was away building unnecessary teleporters. Medic: Kritzkrieg! The Medi Gun I'll only use for Sentry-infested areas. I'll heal everyone, but generally stick with a Heavy/Soldier/Demo that'll keep me safe. I always have my Vita-Saw for faster charges. Sniper: Miss. Spy: Go for Snipers, Heavies and Soldiers. Take care of durable classes before they can cause trouble for my dear teammates.