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  1. any other recommended ones? when i click the download link it keeps showing me livid or something downloads
  2. well what websites do you guys use? i dont understand your wastebin thingy
  3. Hey all now that i pretty much have a personal laptop i would like to know of some visual novels i could download and websites i can download them from. Please tell me of easy downloads that are not complicated
  4. . . . my chat forum became an insult contest forum
  5. Thanks everyone for letting me know all this information. It is really helpful. However i am looking for a laptop i can use to play games. If you could provide links or such to the related subject i would be very grateful. I require this laptop to also help me to work due to my 10.1 laptop being a little bitch and making work annoying. Plus since it will be a laptop i will be taking practically everywhere i would require it to play games in the event that i am bored. i spend about 45 hours a week working and would like my laptop to be able to entertain me. I plan to buy the air vent product to keep the laptop cool as can be due to the understanding of the overheating problem that many laptops experience as they play games.
  6. I currently have $900 ready to purchase a laptop! I am searching for a gaming laptop that is in great condition and is able to of course run 3D games such as league of legends and minecraft. The mission for all is to help me find the best gaming laptop $900 can buy. Thank you very much and good luck
  7. i think the gravity of this game kinda sucks. in normal games you jump off the roof holding an umbrella you are fine. but in this one i jump i sprain my ankle
  8. lol i its formal to say your last name then first guys xD
  9. ever notice that sometimes the story line gets super boring?
  10. I noticed how the game seems pretty reppetitive i wonder if its a glitch of some sorts
  11. Hey everyone Heart Shatter here to tell you guys to join in on the fun using this thread and pretend real life is a video game and start making comparisons. Example: This game called "Life" kinda sucks. The respawn time takes too long. And you can only level up once a year. HAVE FUN
  12. Lol well if anyone wants to join my minecraft server feel free to let me know on kik messenger or on this chat. my kik is shinystar227. Anyhow you may need hamachi to join my server sadly
  13. well i understand that it has persona 4 but what about other games? i heard you can search them on market using wifi then buy it then download! is that true?
  14. So what exactly is so great about the psp vita? i heard there is a market where you can download cheap games. but is that very much worth buying compared to the 3DS?