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  1. Burger out of pants. in all seriousness 10/10 Undertale rocks.
  2. Yoko i don't think you are suicidal. Don't let those kinds of thoughts get to you. We are here for you and trust me killing yourself will do far more harm then you can imagine. It's not worth it. Yoko im not sure what exactly is causing these thoughts but i know you can beat it. Anyways that's all i can say and i pray you snap out of this. I hope you feel better.
  3. Cave Lyra 1.5 has been out for a little bit now. What do you guys think of the mostly new OST i put in?

  4. *bump* Version 1.4 Most of the soundtrack has been replaced. the NEW soundtrack.
  5. Cave Lyra+ 1.4 is out. New soundtrack.

  6. For those curious about the Cave Lyra+ mod i made im doing one last thing for it. custom soundtrack that replaces the NEW soundtrack. not Remastered. NEW

  7. Version 1.1 is out. Changes include- *Dialogue changed to fit Lyra *One of Lyra's Portraits for speaking was changed. *Plantation password was changed to "ynoP tseB sI aryL" Version 1.2 is out: *Title screen cahnged Version 1.3 Fixed a dialogue box in plantation
  8. Update: I fixed the Lyra animations for Cave Lyra+ there doesn't seem to be any more graphical hitches anymore.

  9. Hello all and welcome. If you own Cave Story+ and want a pony in it other than Pinkie,Fluttershy or Pip squeek or just a fan of Lyra then you may have come to the right place! I took the time to make a tiny little mod that replaces Quote on Original mode only with Lyra. This mod uses the curly Story mod so it will change the normal game into Curly or lyra in this case.Sadly i don't know how to edit the game dialogue so if someone knows how to do that please tell me and i will look into it. To install simply just copy the BASE folder and replace the BASE folder in the cave story+/Data file. Simple as that. If someone wants to fix it or you com across anything big let me know. First time at modding something so yay? And before anyone says so yes i know it is pretty much a bigger version of the original Cave Lyra sprite but enjoy anyways. EDIT: I wanna add one more thing. For those who complain about this being a tiny thing or not that amazing i would like to point out it's better than nothing. I don't see anyone else making a pony mod for this that involves Lyra. Here is a link if you want it PIC
  10. Something i forgot to mention and i apologize for it. I deleted pretty much all my VSP videos except 2 for personal reasons so for those making the wiki you are going to have to replace all the videos of mine. Im sorry but i don't want to play these servers ever again or have any video footage of fighting ponies anymore. So actually i will delete one of those 2 videos soon.

    1. Disowned the Title Guy

      Disowned the Title Guy

      For whatever the reason, I can respect your decision. Thank you for the time you've put in. There are some other casters that we will be adding to the official wiki once released.

    2. Steel Crescent

      Steel Crescent

      Alright.. Good luck Disowned. And thanks.

  11. Never again. I didn't even beat it cuz im not "door hunting" to play the last area. I died a bit on the inside. Great game. shit end.
  12. Im amazed people are still visiting my profile even though im barely ever on this forum and since i quit the VSP servers some time ago.

  13. I have been called Emotionless on the servers in past times. I want this video to be proof that isn't true. Do not watch if you do not want spoilers.


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      I knew where it was coming from, I was just making a joke cause this character literally dunks people ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    4. Steel Crescent