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  1. I have seen Lrad have outbursts on the server which are similar or equal to others in the past getting perma-muted or even kicked/temp banned on the spot for but has gone un-noticed because of no staff on the server or nobody thinking of it. I understand that it gets frustrating, but I do have to say that it is an issue on the server that too many people talk on the mic, it's not just Lrad, but during US times it gets too hectic and it makes players like me leave, I would be on the server alot more during these times if people didn't blare out random words and shouts all the time so that nobody can hear what anyone is saying, I have a habit to stop talking when someone else is, and that makes it very difficult to get a word in sometimes. This is very minor and I have no problem with it if you said it once or twice but when you are a heavy you don't need to say "I need a medic" or "<Name> can you pocket me?" Just because you are a class does not mean you /NEED/ a medic, only ask once or twice but hearing it constantly when theres me as a pyro who just flare jumped with less than 50 hp chasing after a medic is kinda annoying. Edit: I also hear you doing Arnold impressions or whatever the noise you make which does get a little annoying, which I think most people could do without hearing. I don't hate anyone, I just want to see improvement, anyone can learn. As Plato said “Wise men speak because they have something to say; fools because they have to say something.
  2. Name: 5077 "Drakonis" [u:1:72074268] 2:10:26 53 0 active Server: EU Problem: Constant things about rape dispite me telling him to stop
  3. Username: {PegAsi♥} Nightmare Woona ||| {Woona♥} PegAsi SteamID: {PegAsi♥} Nightmare Woona <STEAM_0:0:35271160> {Woona♥} PegAsi <STEAM_0:0:85716097> Steam Profile: Ponyville Server: (Europe) - Versus Ponyville Transgression: Countless times Ive seen these two hiding and being practically friendly untill they are the last two alive, as well as being quite rude to other players, including me as Im writing this, they constantly spam the leny faces and "U mad" I have two screenshots of them using this but I am not that active on the europe server and more on texas but I have seen them being friendly as well as other people, I joined just after the map had been extended on arena gate and they were sitting in the tunnels/catacombs doing nothing untill crits, even when the hale had walked past them. Darkkiller was on and I kept trying to talk to him but he did nothing but he later told me he was busy and could not keep an eye on everyone dispite there only being 3 people left, so I later had to get another member of staff in but they both leave or stop when a member of staff is on because they know they can not get away with it. They have been doing this countless times and it has gone on long enough, if someone were to record all the times they had practically broken the rules, it would have added up to a month ban or less depending on the admin by now. This first one is a crack at me because I had lost my moderator powers, he was not the first to do something like this and he will not be the last
  4. I'll say it again, I try to get proof of them just hiding but its the fact they stop whenever a member of staff or I come on because they know full well that they or I will do something about it Not trying to get them banned or anything but its just really god damn annoying now, and if we just let people get away with it then they will do it again and again
  5. The other part of the conversation was that I said something to a hale to and help him out, Woona responded >> Edit: with "Caboose dont be useless and help hale thx" or something like that << and I said "Excuse me?" then that happened. And they did not build uber and go out and fight, they just sat there and did nothing untill they were the last two, Edit: Also would like to point out if they shut out the rest of the world that does not make them immune to doing all this? and I dont see you on EU all that often but that might be my timezone but hey ho, they still do it
  6. Well as I said, they usually stop when a member of staff comes on or I come on because they know that they can't do it And I usually call a member of staff or something when they do it so its hard but I'll try They have been doing this for a good month or two now but again Darkkiller was on one of the times they were hiding and being friendly but he was doing nothing :/
  7. Username: Double McBacon Beurger w/cheese SteamID: STEAM_0:0:38422560 Steam Profile: (Could not get this) Ponyville Server: (Texas) - Versus Ponyville Transgression: dont be disrespectful Zoidbeurger had joined and instantly said he had "News from another member that someone had lost their moderatorship" and after this he started laughing loudly and quite obnoxiously while saying "Caboose you shitlord, scrub ect" as well as "I am so happy you got it removed" "You deserved it" and other remarks like this, after a good two minutes of non stop harassment he leaves after saying "Thats all I had come on to do, everyone else but Caboose have a nice day" This happened days to a week ago but nothing was done about it, there is no hard evidence because it happened so suddenly but there were more than enough people to say that it had happened and they were witnesses Sarsya joined not long after and everyone had told her that it did and what happened If need be I can ask the people who were there at the time to come to this topic
  8. Well there is no proof but witnesses He came on so suddenly I doubt anyone could get fraps or anything up quick enough There were a bunch of people on at the time but nobody to stop it How can someone get any proof apart from witnesses when someone talks on the mic and does it so suddenly
  9. Alright, I understand now thanks for the clear up explanation, thats all I wanted in the first place
  10. Well from what Ive seen Vinyl or me is not getting added back to mod, so why not move this to another point that needs solving? MULTI TASKING EVERYONE, I dont know what Im doing sometimes
  11. No comments about the issue with Zoid? I said Im fine with whats happened
  12. There were more than 10 witnesses in the server that said to Sarysa JUST after it happened, but nothing was done I would also like to point out that if you are going from peoples word then I can easily get people to say that someone has done something I have done these things, but Im saying its not exactly the best way
  13. Star, I told Woona to stop the impressions and talk normally because people with me that have sensitive headphones, my headphones are on a constant 2% with the game volume down at its lowest and it is still sounding extremely loud Using these voices usually gets people to.. make the mic chat come alive and spam all at once, which hurts my ears We had a personal discussion me and Woona and agreed that she can still talk but not with the impressions And I would like to respond to Simple as to you asked people have I abused them and they told you about it, I got punished By their word, but yet witnesses and many other peoples word is not enough to respond to Zoid or any of the others that had practically harrassed me? As for the joke making, didnt know people were leaving because of that, many people come and go in the server constantly, nobody told me to stop but I did myself Sorry for my actions overall, but Im a bit relieved to hear WHAT exactly I did wrong, but the matter of the harrassment to me is still yet to be resolved As well as the hit at me saying she cant be a mod, It wasnt directed at her and I was explaining at the time that anyone can say they had been a mod or admin on a previous server and it may or may not be true
  14. Just going to reply to Scootz I stay up till 1 AM my time more than most nights And people trust me a whole lot, when people found out when I lost my mod everyone said that I deserved it and such But apparently according to Simple/Raini I were fine with it being removed Theres alot going on at the moment and this is very frustrating for me because I feel like Ive been punished by having my mod removed for the way I act But yet 3 people had been acting worse than me and got off scott free
  15. But everyone who were on justified the fact that he did this, and he did it so sudden I couldnt even record if I wanted to How do you expect people to have evidence for things which only just pop up at sudden and then stop Especially when he was on the mic, this had happened to me before and it was resolved but its different now? There was nobody defending Zoid at the time and there were more than enough witnesses on the server +Not everyone (like me) has a computer able to record and keep up a steady FPS or such
  16. Well to be honest I think that there needs to be a slight adjustment in how the server is managed, not in a harsh way the server is fine as it is but there needs to be a bit more.. discussion type of thing in it In my case I only get contacted by Simple and such because I have done something wrong, I feel that instead of focusing on the bad points that staff make There should be a way to sum up how long they have been in the staff position, what they had done in that time, good points, bad points and decide from there Not look at what they had done wrong and punish them for that Again in my case Ive been told that my behavior is not moderator worthy, yet I dont.. actually know what I did wrong I could have been doing it all along since I was told and never knew I agree we need more moderators in different timezones, I think that /ALL/ staff should be notified about changes and adding new staff Fairly new moderators may be an expection And to quote Vinyl "To further back this up, a mod had recently lost his powers because of incidents that have occurred in the ponyville servers, making him actually legible for his removal because of sufficient amount of evidence produced for the punishment. My case however, was only a screenshot taken from a chat that happened outside the server." I had no chance to defend myself and apparently I admitted to doing wrong and was completely fine with being removed as moderator But I did not agree or admit to anything, I was told I had done something wrong and was getting my moderator removed in short and had no say in this I would further like to point out that I had reported 2 users provoking me by calling me a name and constantly making comments whenever I had joined or died in the server and no action was taken Just recently Zoidbeurger had joined, said I was a "shitlord" and was happy about me losing my moderator as well as laughing loudly then left saying "Thats all I wanted to do", again I heard from a member of staff nobody wanted to touch this subject and apparently no action to my hearing was carried out In the past before these there had been times where I reported things and nothing was done Another point would be to say that getting moderator is hard and takes time, but it can be taken away too quickly for Vinyls case, I agree Vinyl should be moderator and think he would make a good addition to the staff list, I only ask that more action is taken to change the way punishment is carried out to staff
  17. This will be my part of the forums where I will upload /ALL/ of my gmod artwork, and you'll see it here first folks And my first post will be of the new comic I have made about our love/hate relationship between two friends of mine Caboose - Scout Crusty Skunk - Engie Emerald Rump - Spy
  18. Mine would be ethier jelly beans or a really creepy grin.. Just like in my avatar!
  19. So I am doing a poster in gmod about "The Last Supper" 9 spots for 9 classes, one spot each person and no double classes I advertised this privately to my close friends but will now open it publicly to the server There is only one spot left which is for the heavy Here is a referance below: (Places for the classes will not be in this order) Please reply as to why you want the heavy placement and what miscs your heavy wears (Include any paint) I will announce the person who I have chose on the 2nd of August
  20. I would like to agree with this also, several times I have seen Zari enforce the rules, but as soon as someone argues if it is breaking a rule or not, she starts to lose her temper I was on the server today while posting, on arena gate the round had just started, we all were trying to attack the hale but he ran into the underground tunnels, seeing as how he ran off and chasing him would mean I would die I started to do the conga at the control point, other people joined in and after about 2 or 3 seconds of doing so Zari stepping in and said to stop being friendly, but this is not at all friendly as the hale was no where near and we did get some damage, it was not our fault the hale had ran off but we were all waiting I would also like to point out that when this did happen Zari herself was at the control point but not doing the conga, which would mean in turn she was doing the exact same, although if I pointed this out I would suspect her of claiming her afterburn because she was a pyro was meaning she would not be friendly, but I only assume this. Another point were to say that she has been insulting or talking about what the other moderators are doing, in steam PM and on the server she said that moderators are doing a poor job and have issues, some of them have been trying and remaining active although she says overwise . Edit: She had removed me from her friends list upon the conflict about wether or not the conga was friendly or not so I have no chat logs I would not reccomend Zari for moderator as there had been many problems as recently.
  21. I have seen alot of people with this tag and they seem to be friendlying to each other and just generally stalling, but I called a vote to kick one of them because they were hiding together (One the hale, one a sniper) and were doing nothing, because there were so many of them on which had this tag it failed because there were so many no votes # 5548 "{GRE} AppleJack" STEAM_0:1:76222860 1:33:30 177 0 active# 5597 "{GRE} Grede" STEAM_0:0:55162055 27:30 188 0 activeEdit: # 5503 "{GRE} Rainbow Dash" STEAM_0:0:73254377 2:50:40 197 0 active These were the only two I could get, there are more but possibley at different timezones Just raising this to awareness n such :v
  22. I agree, Brony Down Under may not want to 'toot his own horn' but I will happily toot it for him all day long. I would glady reccomend him for being a mod as he covers a completely different time zone which is down under everyone else, Having mods all across the globe would be very useful.
  23. So I got a message from Sensei that I was banned for a NSFW work spray and on the ban it was at 9:55, I was not on at 9:55 and it was only 2:05 aprox in the afternoon in America when I was told, I had been told twice on the same day on the same map to change it and I did. So I would like to know why I was banned AFTER I changed the spray, although I do admit that I once had a spray on gmod that was like this one and I changed it and removed it from my pictures file, but when I loaded up gmod the next day it switched back to that spray and I did not realize until I sprayed it, I don't know why this happens but it is annoying, If the ban would be void or have a reduced time that would be great.
  24. Thanks, I do apologise for it but back when there was Dinky suggestive sprays were allowed, not sure if that has changed but I have changed my spray to a different one and hopefully I wont have to change it back again Thanks for understanding
  25. Hey, I am writing this while playing on the server and there is this guy called "Spooky Bot" or "Bluebott" or something, he keeps changing names. He was spamming with a bot and using aimbot. I would like to raise to concern the amount of moderators, needing different mods in different timezones and generally dealing with rule breakers. The main issue is EU time, I am on the server almost all the time and the only moderator that I know of in the EU is Crusty and he has school, The spamming, aimbot and hacker was on during his school time and all the amercian moderators/admins were asleep or at work. Yes, we have good moderators and admins, I am not saying that they are bad I am saying that there needs to be more of them so that there should be at least one for every major timezone. I suggest new moderators would be selected Thanks for reading and I hope you would take this into consideration