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  1. yeah, I can confirm, can't join the chat
  2. so it's like TF2 after that one halloween update rite? nah I kid I kid, WoW has been put on Papa Blizzard's backburner, unfortunately it's been burning over time and probably will catch on fire once Overwatch comes out.
  3. that's your old character though, where's your new DFO character?
  4. He looks more like a Jet Set Radio character to me, dunno where you are getting Lucian from...
  5. self-det jumps <3
  6. I can't reset my password for some reason, no email is getting through

  7. ken... ken i be in da seeequalllllll plsplsplspslpslpslpsplsplslpspl
  8. I really have no OC or backstory between my avatar but I will tell you that I do have a previous OC with no picture... AS of now I only have one OC, and it's not even drawn yet. But, here is a description of my OC: Name:Nighthawk the Night Stalking Hunter Species:Changeling Griffin Gender: Either,mostly male though Old Appearance: Appears to be discorded and has holes in body like any other changeling. Despite having wings,cannot fly due to the pure evil and dark magic deep inside his body. However,despite this, he still remains to be nice during the day,but mean during the night time as he is usually hunting by then... He has battle scars on his cheeks and on his arms. One of his wings cannot flap or move or do anything at all, so It is usually odd whenever he flaps his wing(s). His eyes vary from red to green to purple. It's the price you pay for being so evil! His legs are like any other changeling griffin, except he's missing one toe on his left foot. He is mostly light black, but can fade into the night sky whenever he is hunting. He also owns a green magic wand that he can use magic through,despite not being a unicorn. The magic wand gives off no magic sparks that can be seen by mortal eyes, you will never know it is being used by him. His personality is not just mean and nice. He can be bipolar at times and try to kill you at times. Current Appearance: He no longer has a green magic wand. He is now an Alicorn. He now has a horn that is similar to Queen Chrysalis' but curved like Sombra's. His wings are no longer damaged or broken anymore but they are now changeling wings instead of griffin wings. His wings are not quite cosmetic but not as functional as they should be, due to them not being able to carry his weight. However, he uses magic to make them strong enough to fly with. He is still somewhat evil and villianous but not as much as before. He is no longer discorded because Discord is now a good guy. He is no longer missing one toe on his left foot. Location of his home:A small cave inside a cliff by the ocean. It can only be accessed by flying/magic. Nighthawk has left a crystal in his cave that he can teleport to anytime with little magic power being used, just in case he is in danger of dying or he doesn't have enough magic power to be able to fly to it.
  9. I'm just your average everyday internet troll ready to troll you at anypoint and possibly get perma banned. Nah, I'm just kidding. Name's not Flutters but I guess if you see me out there on the chat and forums you can call me flutty or something... I dunno. My actual name is Victor and I sometimes get into trouble with what I post on forums and how I talk on chatrooms. I'm not sure I've learned my lessons yet so I might need a little hand holding when it comes to how I conduct myself on internet forums and chatrooms. I hope we can all become friends and not enemies like my last community I was in and I hope to not be perma banned this time. Anyway that's all I have to say about my stupid face and my stupid actions so I'll be going back to what I was doing....