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  1. I had this on the EU server for a few days. But it seems to have fixed itself. But trust me, you do get used to the high ping VERY quickly. How long has the issue been been around?
  3. I see one issue: It's motherboard doesn't have a baby board.... anyone? I'll stop.
  4. I would like to suggest the removal of the Cellshader map for a few reasons: 1) I have seen quite a good number of players saying it hurts their eyes. It is too bright and too many colours clash, making it an absalute eyesore to look at. If we have to turn down the brightness on our screens just so our eyes don't hurt then it should really be a little more darker. 2) It has a lot of places where engineers can place sentries that do not allow the Hale to get to the player. It draws the round out massively and it takes ages for the round to end at times. 3) It's disorientating. The cell shading is so in your face and obnoxious that it makes it very sickly to play at times. 4) The map is very bland in design. I agree that the colours do spice it up. But when at the end of the day there's only an few platforms and one little dip. 5) There's no chance of winning against Dovashy. Her rage just murders everyone instantly. It feels too much like a pre-alpha map when you play it. I understand it was made FOR the server. But it feels like the fun just dies when people play it.
  5. *Editing for 3 hours, decides to save and have a break. Then the entire thing gets corrupted.* ;~;

    1. Fuyu Robin

      Fuyu Robin

      Owww Bad Luck Buddy I Feel Your Pain ;<

      *Pats Crusty on The Back*

    2. Emerald Candy

      Emerald Candy

      Ouch. I have definitely known that pain.

  6. This brings up another point. If she's talking about people behind their backs and making up lies about them then she would not function well in a team. If 2 staff members hate each other then problems will snowball and people will take sides. It's not at all healthy for the server.
  7. My standing on Zari is very conflicted. I have seen her be very kind at times, she is friendly and does try her best. But i'm afraid about what she would be like with the powers of a moderator if she does become one. On multiple occasions i have seen Zari tell people off for "breaking" a rule. When in fact they didn't break one at all. An example of this is her telling Caboose to stop being friendly when he has done the Conga for two seconds and stopped. This is while the boss was nowhere near them, might i add. She can also be very stubborn. I've seen her argue with two moderators about the rules when the two have a lot of knowledge about them and have to enforce them every day. She also has a short temper. This can be sorted out but can work against her heavily if she has the power to kick/ban/mute people. Like Mr. Kumar said i would say no to her being mod in pencil. She has potential but needs to work on some things first.
  8. Has the people that have been doing it recently received a warning of some sort?
  9. That moment of when you get on the VSP server and see 3 rule breakers and you have the ability to sort them out. You feel amazing.

    1. Disowned the Title Guy

      Disowned the Title Guy

      Power is not for the feeling of ability. - But it is pretty great. ;D

    2. Piklz419


      or its the complete opposite. You join the server, see rule breakers, than just, leave. >w<

  10. New regret: So back in Christmas i got an unusual Gentleman's Ushanka with Blizzardy storm as a gift. It matched my current set so i was like a happy bunny. When it was my B'day last year i got a Strange Festive Minigun. So basically one night about 2 months ago grandpappy Crusty got a lil' tipsy at a friend's party. Something happened blah blah blah and i woke up the next morning to find i had £60 in my Steam wallet and i sold my Strange Festive AND unusual.
  11. Scout Soldier Demo Heavy Medic Engineer Sniper Spy Pyro's not included since i have nothing for him because i don't play the class.
  12. There's a badger that's dug a burrow in my back garden.

    1. Bananable's


      use magic to get it out

    2. spun
    3. Skeith


  13. Simple math.
  14. Banned for mentioning the word Bat.
  15. 5/badgers what am i doing?