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  1. The big difference between the Jumpers and the Jetpack is that the Jetpack is on a cooldown. A long 15 second cooldown per jump, up to 2 jumps total. That's against 4 rockets that can clear an entire map and reload before you have any chance of dying. The BFB is a problem because its a passive speed increase on an already hard to track down class, I agree it's nerfed for a good reason. I still don't see how the Jetpack needs any sort of nerfing, keep in mind this is coming from someone who mains soldier, the mobility tied to the Jetpack is very low by comparison, and nerfing it is complete overkill. It literally takes 2 super jumps max to chase the Pyro. While that might seem annoying, chasing a good soldier can be so much worse in comparison on maps with abundant health packs. To clarify on the Sandvich, it only was a one time use with the Killing Gloves of Boxing, and that wasn't even technically intended. It had an attribute that turned ammo into health, so whenever it regened, it would give you a measly amount of health that wasn't even noticeable, and the regen would restart. The Dalokohs wasn't initially affected because it wasn't tied to a cooldown. Later on the attribute for ammo turning into health was removed from the game and hasn't existed since, so the sandvich can be used as much as you want now. As it stands every rechargeable for Heavy regens, and I'm not even sure if you can cap it easily. Thing is that like I said in my post, the Stock Flamethrower has a damage bonus and a damage bonus while being healed, so I find it odd that you want to nerf the damage of the harder to aim Flamethrower still. Its less reliable on top of having a very inconsistent airblast. It might do a lot of damage, but I still consider that a trade off. Id hate to have the more skilled weapons nerfed into the floor and everyone keep using the stock Flamethrower because I wouldn't touch Pyro personally in that state. I probably won't change your mind here, it's just odd to me that people think it's overpowered, especially with how much the hitbox got nerfed an update or so ago. I never claimed you said the Hot Hand was overpowered, all I said is that its a waste of resources to probably bother with. I could care less at what happens to it as long as it stays fun to slap people.
  2. I don't really see how any of these weapons are overpowered and why you'd want them nerfed. The last thing the server needs is more random weapon changes that completely change the weapons. Jetpack: You only have 2 charges vs a Flare Gun being spammable for mobility, its much slower to pull out and execute, and is much less reliable in general on top of not actually being a weapon that does damage. The Jetpack basically trades off ease of use for self damage and less damage done. If anything I think its a bit weak. Dragon's Fury: The Dragon's Fury's airblast is already awful, and I wouldn't recommend nerfing it any more. I can't really see how you think it does too much damage when stock has a damage buff on it plus its a lot easier to aim. If anything you're still trading airblast for damage, which is fine. Leave it as is. Banana: The trade off is that it heals teammates for garbage for how fast it regens. You'd use the Sandvich is a situation where you need to heal teammates a lot, like pocket heavy, Banana is for solo heavy without a lot of teammates, and the Dalokohs is if you want overheal with a slightly faster regen than the Banana. I just can't see how it would be seen as overpowered at all, even as is I'd probably use the Sandvich over it because I heal teammates as a heavy as often as I can. Not really gonna bother with the Hot Hand because its a gimmick weapon and I could care less about how good it is. People'll use it if they can slap, regardless of how bad it is, no reason to really fix what's not broken.
  3. Uh, just so you guys know, this isn't like an actual chatroom, its a discussion when there's issues with the actual chatroom. Actual chatroom is on the top tabs, like 3 over.
  4. Who is this even directed towards? I think everyone on this thread is in agreement that they need some sort of tweaking, they just will unlikely get nerfed into the ground or removed. I personally despise spells, I just find it unlikely that they'll get nerfed as much as I'd like, because it'd be a turn off for people that only really play to use spells.
  5. 120, what? The visual stats on the weapon are not accurate at all. I'm not exactly sure how much damage each does, but I know for a fact that Rarity does more than 210 damage, and Chrysalis might as well. Flutterbat is the one hale that does under 150ish if I remember right, and it's fine there. They shouldn't be doing over 200 damage at all imo. If it were up to me, they'd be doing ~175ish, 200 at most, to where it's one shotting light classes, but not demolishing Heavies for no reason. Shouldn't have to explain why Spy hales should get less damage than normal ones.
  6. I'm bad at spy.
  7. Course everyone does, but some it's a lot more apparent than others, so it's not like you can completely dismiss it as an issue because everyone gets mad. If someone is just cussing people out pretty much every game they die on, it's obviously an issue, like one comment a day? Sure, not an issue. Just depends on how much it actually happens. That being said, I wouldn't personally know how much it is, because I don't play with him often, so I don't have much an opinion on the matter, but if it's a common issue, then it might be a problem when it comes to mod. You do need to know how to keep calm and not call out other people on things as staff.
  8. It's more of an issue of, "everything is overpowered so its sort of balanced but not really". It basically goes like this; "Bosses are overpowered so I'm going to counter with spells because we'll get stomped otherwise." "I'm going to spam rage on an overpowered boss because I hate spell spam and it ruins all of my fun." Cycle continues, blah, blah, blah. Overpowered vs overpowered. In the end you could call it "balanced" but at the end of the day neither side is having fun, at least that's how it is for me. So basically everything needs heavy overhauls to be balanced, which requires a ton of work. Not that I'm against all that being done, its just unlikely to happen sadly. Just wish I could help with weapon balance directly instead of just posting suggestions. But back to the original topic at hand, I do agree that some specific loadouts need tweaking to be less broken, though classes in general need more overhauls to not be straight upgrades. Biggest issue is spell sniper literally having only a downside of 25 less health. Just need the spellbook nerfs to be put back in place so they aren't just straight upgrades to loadouts.
  9. Yeah I can see why it does need a slight buff for the Med himself during the uber, doesn't even self overheal for some reason. Speed during Uber would probably be alright, just passive might be a bit much. Agreed on the Vacc. Issue with the Vacc is that it rewards you for your team getting damaged with how the Uber build works, but since your team doesn't get hurt often, it only really pairs well with a pocket Solly damaging himself, or a KGB that gets hit a lot, which is just really dumb. Will post my idea for it here again. Rough idea of the current stats that matter, don't know off the top of my head exactly: +67% UberCharge build rate -66% Overheal build rate -33% UberCharge Rate on Overhealed Patients. My suggestion for it: +50% UberCharge build rate Remove the other 2 stats entirely The issue with the current Vaccinator is that it discourages overhealing your targets entirely, and rewards you for your team being lower on health. Normal Uber also does this, but not to the same extent. The idea with this is to make the Uber rate a lot more consistant, but not too fast, while also not giving massive nerfs to overheal. Plus I'll add here for like the 5th time I've said on the forums, fix the actual Uber from not being extremely buggy and not working on time half the time. If you have no clue what I'm talking about, actually use the weapon for 5 minutes to see how broken it is.
  10. If I'm not wrong, it already has a 5 or 10% bonus on it. I wouldn't say over 15, because 20 might end up being a bit much so the Med is impossible to catch. Not to mention if you do keep it passive, Overdose medics will end up being faster than scouts with that out, so that's not the best idea. Should probably have to stay active purely because of the new Overdose, and i wouldn't go over 15%, 15 is stretching it on its own. Though I do think the Uber speed needs to be buffed up to at least 25% again. Its a -25% right now due to a lack of understanding on my last suggestion for it, which currently makes it even more useless.
  11. So if you've played VSP for at least 2 seconds since the update, you'll know that a large chunk of the bosses are broken. Most the stuns/fears don't work at all, and some bosses like Whooves straight up get frozen in place when a life is lost. So it'd probably be a good idea for people to list bugs here in hopes that stuff will get fixed. Though it's hilarious seeing people complain about overpowered bosses not working and giving up due to it because they don't want to use actual effort. <3 Also weapons, some are probably really broken since changes, but haven't played enough yet. This could just be the case of sourcemod needing an update, but I have no clue, and someone's gonna have to look into it.
  12. You need to keep in mind that I'm sure 90% of people don't treat sprays as a serious thing at all. I spray over stuff on accident, I just spray my spray randomly and generally forget about it. It's just a picture in a game, it's nothing more. I get you want to look at your picture if you're just sitting around or whatever, but really, what's more interesting, looking at your picture you can look at any time, or playing the actual game? It's just a picture to most people, people just throw their sprays around randomly, it's not a huge deal. If you compare your spray to a wolf marking it's territory, I don't know what to tell you. Just a picture. Not to mention if this even did become a rule, would it seriously even be enforceable? I mean honestly, do you want someone to look around a map constantly to see if sprays are covered and just straight up punish people for it? It's ridiculous. The only time it becomes a legitimate issue is because people keep whining about it getting covered time and time again, and people keep covering it because they enjoy making others angry. I know this isn't very helpful, but it's just a nit picky thing to ever become a serious rule, and I don't see it as a problem that keeps happening, unless you make it into a problem yourself. I can honestly see people trying to abuse this even by spraying their spray behind others then whining to an admin that they got sprayed over, i mean you can easily attempt to get someone in trouble over it, it's incredibly silly. Though, if people are straight up harassing others after a while over this stuff, that's an issue on it's own, and you can of course get a mod/admin to help out with that, as long as it's not purely getting a spray covered.
  13. About the spray thing, I'd seriously just say you should put up with it, there doesn't need to be a rule for it. People will continue to spray over your spray if you tell people not to, so just ignore it, respray it, if they continue, big deal, its just a picture. I get that some people purposely continue to spray over a specific persons spray, but if you just ignore it, they'll eventually stop. A actual rule being put in because of it just seems like a bit much, people spray over everything and spray over stuff on accident. It's not a huge deal.
  14. models

    You using direct x8? If so, it's not really fixable except by just changing to dx9.
  15. Is the Reserve Shooter still going to full crit on targets that are on fire? This is definitely a step if the right direction, but why are you not fixing it? It can be FIXED. The minicrit on airborne targets stat needs to be re-added. I've posted this here at least 3 or 4 times, and I seem to get completely ignored every time. Axtinguisher does need a buff, but why this change? You completely disregarded the actual problem with the weapon, and decided to give it a different buff that doesn't even fix it. This is a worthless change, the weapon will still be mostly useless. You need to remove the weapon change penalty to fix it, and fix all the damage changes, i don't know the stats off-hand exactly, but this doesn't really feel like it's fixing anything. Scorch is fine. Volcano is good. Did you NERF the Market Gardener? You realize everyone here said it was UNDERPOWERED, right? It's complete trash how it stands, people wanted BUFFS. I don't really get how you got that it was overpowered from here. Vacc needed a buff too, but a speed buff? It needs to be fixed beforehand, the weapon does not function right in general, it needs to be recoded entirely. Just giving it a slight buff to a random stat isn't really going to "fix" the weapon. The change will probably either not be enough to make it useful, or it will end up making the med scout speed to where it's just overpowered. Trying my best to not come off extremely rude in this post, but i cannot understand why these changes are how they are, and I'm getting pretty close to being completely done with trying to suggest any changes. Seems like you just glance over peoples ideas and change how you think it will end up balancing it, but it ends up not really helping the weapons. Changes either don't matter, or they make it overpowered. Hopefully the stuff is getting changed so ignore this post.