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  1. Gosh, I've been part of this group for almost a year and I'm still afraid to ask people if I can join... That being said when I have (Fredrex, Zazabar, and Calzone) it's been a nice experience and I would love to play with them again
  2. Balasla, a spy, ruined my perfect Hale record ;_;

    1. The_Mr_Kumar


      If he stabbed you twice in a millisecond, then it doesn't count.

  3. Derpy Card and Princess Big Mac card OP
  4. I had a thought/dream that the winners of the TI3 will be able to have a post-TI3 battle with some people from Valve, there's only four people on Valve's team in the lobby and suddenly Icefrog joins and becomes the 5th for Valve. Everyone in the audience is looking for this mysterious mother-trucker only to see a silhouette in a dark room.
  5. Uh-oh, my internal clock has made me nocturnal again. Hopefully I can fix it before school starts.

  6. Just a Team Service Announcement for everypony out there Also download the taunt, it's worth your time :) Thank you for participating in this TSA, hopefully yout participation will better improve the community.
  7. I can think of a couple examples. One time during spookydisneyland, there two people left, a Heavy and a Medic Both used the Bat outta Hell to get to the top of two different towers. Because of the spot they were standing on the boss, Pinkie Pie, could not reach them. I remember people going something along the lines of "...would you stop this, you're delaying the round" Another example was on 2fort_desk and there was this one Demoman that would camp behind the erasers and place sticky traps in front of the pikmin, right were the boss would approach him. The Demoman ended up dieing everytime, but the fact there was an 'everytime' was slightly annoying. There were also complaints like "would you stop that, that's a.)exploiting the map(technically not true since the boss could go and kill him) b.)delaying the round because of camping. While neither are exploits nor glitches, I'm not sure if I got my point across :s
  8. you don't group together because it gives people like puck, tide, magnus, enigma, and every other initiator in the world the perfect combination to wipe your team with. Well grouping up always depends on the hereos we're going up against. Typically when we're fighting a Spirit Breaker, Riki, Slark, Pudge, or other gankers,, we stick together. also you're assuming the hereos you mention are being played by people who know how to use them and have players that can follow-up. After seeing how many people are on at the same time, I gotta ask how you guys communicate. Like last night at 2am, I saw about 13 people on and was wondering 'I don't see them in the mumble, so how are they communicating? In-game only?'
  9. A friend of mine always complains that people stay grouped together(we refer to that as 'botting' since that is what the bots do) but it's sweet irony when he doesn't die because we we're 'botting' or when he yells at us for not staying together. Also, Sniper+Kibbles=A Bad Day for the enemy.
  10. Just watched Ep.1, I expect a lot of "when's the next episode"-itos
  11. I applaud all of you for the work and troubles you all go through so that we may enjoy a good time with everypony else
  12. Can someone explain this?

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      Does this virus have a name? So that your masterpeice doesn't get confused for someone else's work, like 'the cold'

  13. You know what's fun? Playing support with a CM that refuses to buy wards because she needs Linken's>Blink>Ags then have a Faceless yell at you for not being at the team fight because I was counter-warding because the Alch died from an enemy ward being in our jungle(they won the team fight)
  14. Amount of times Calzone has sent me an invite whilst waiting for 9/10 to become 10/10 : 2
  15. Well...dam and the last time I was on was when I was going from server-to-server "RDMing" people with some friends on mumble (didn't want to RDM anyone on the server and convinced my friends to leave the server alone). Wonder if it would've been worth it...