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  1. I would like to recommend ❤Buffy The Heart Thief❤ for Moderator. STEAM_0:1:56157037 She has been a well known player on this server for years, as well as having plenty of experience witnessing the types of players and staff on this server. With enough guidance and advice from current moderators and admins, I feel like she would be a wonderful addition to the Royal Guard position.
  2. that's from trading for them and never using them
  3. Considering that she receives plenty of ammo and is capable of literally reducing your hp to 1 in just a single hit (insta kill after), such a buff will get annoying fast (especially when spammed to death). Not wasting ammo on 1 target and aiming the grenade launcher properly is key for that rage.
  4. Very impressive use of sweeping, tapping, and chords overall. Not a huge metal fan but this is amazing none the less. Keep up the good work!
  5. Yet another S5 teaser, showcasing the villian for 2 secs:

  6. Season 5 teaser:

    1. Zari Puff

      Zari Puff

      I wonder if it will actually be like that for the whole season?

    2. PBandJ Commando

      PBandJ Commando

      Will it have a new villain, voiced by Bruce Willis?

    3. MegaTaconater


      Season 5 confirmed 1 episode long... they all die the end

  7. Names King Lofty, though I prefer just being called "Lofty" for convenience sake. I've been here for about 2 years now (will be in July) and have built a reputation for myself as a player here over time. I first found this server by searching "tf2 pony saxton hale servers" (out of curiosity to fight/play as the beloved characters from the show.) and that is what brought me here based on the interesting variety of bosses this server had to offer. I'm known by peers for being well seasoned at Demoman (mainly) and Medic. Although mostly alone in combat, I am perfectly capable of easily dealing massive damage to hales foolish enough to keep me alive and will not go down without a fight. I am full offensive as Demoman, utilizing my shiny golden grenade launcher (or my sword if they get too close). I usually use a charge bash + sword slice as a devastating finishing move. As a Medic, I actually heal people and travel across maps rather than sitting in one spot all day hoping to get a lucky uber. I communicate with those I uber to be efficient as possible, nearly forming a dynamic-duo with those who work well with me. I've pretty much stopped trading due to the influx of hardball and lowball trading practices in the economy, especially since people with eyesores for items/unusuals are trying to keep their backpacks relevant by creating ridiculous prices for low quality items. (I cannot fathom why a hideous flaming fedora is 300 buds, you might as well make a Nuts n Bolts Bombing Run 500 buds at this point) TL;DR I mostly enjoy playing Demo/Medic and started playing here about 2 years ago (I don't know why I didn't post this earlier)
  8. Is this what the quality of games will be in the future? The sequel was LITERALLY released 3 months later after the 1st game. And it's barely an improvement over the 1st game (Only a new map, characters, and several new small features). This is literally what COD has been doing for since 2008 to this day. Releasing the same game and only changing a few small features and charging a buttload of money for it (including DLC). And people still buy it and don't realize this. The gif right here shows exactly where your $8 goes, which is to the "amazing" gameplay. Another annoying fad just like "Slender" Since when did it become the norm for developers to practice EA/Activision style marketing? Boy am I excited to see how many people will be fooled into buying the next game.
  9. How about making certain maps more rare? (2fortdesk, crevice, castesiege, ram_shacked, etc.) At this point, I've played on said maps so much that they've become more stale than spoiled bread. There is nothing I dislike more in a server than lack of variety, how can one withstand playing in the same (4 or 5?) maps over and over daily and still enjoy it? The majority of players on this server have dull taste in maps when it comes to voting and fit the definition of insanity. Let the pie chart at the bottom right show you how wonderful the servers map variety is: Don't you love how the other maps aren't played for more than 70% of the time? We're talking 3 pages of maps you can nominate and only picking one or a few non-overplayed DAILY. If you're lucky, the players might vote a different map for once (which is very rare). The problem really isn't the lack of maps (this server has plenty), it's the lack of variety. While new maps are always nice, Im sick of playing the same ones nearly every single time I join the server.
  10. It's quite odd that nobody has provided and pointed out the cold hard facts about this boss. I'll do it for you all: I understand that hales are purposely overpowered to make it fair against mercs, but this is right on the border of unplayable territory for the mercs. Nightmarity's rage takes a large chunk of your health overtime with a slow bleed like effect which can become annoying when spammed but NOWHERE as overpowered as the skeleton minions. Here are in-game stats for the skeleton bats: Lets analyze the screenshot above: "+20 faster firing speed"- Heavily rewards and encourages players to hold mouse 1, scout swings his bat fast enough already. "+10 faster movement speed on wearer"- WHY? Its bad enough they have 100% crits and move fast as scout. This stat only adds salt in the wounds. "+200 damage vs buildings"- Understandable "-30% damage penalty"- Even with reduced damage, you can still kill demoknights/KGB's easily. You WILL die instantly if there is a pack of skeletons. I don't even want to know what its like without the damage reduction. Its even funnier that they have a basher that doesn't conflict self harm and does crit bleed damage. As you can see, these minions actually DO spawn with overheal, the highest I've seen being 245. This means classes weaker than KGB/Demoknight will struggle horribly in killing these minions. It's already bad enough that Nightmarity's base rage is MAP WIDE and makes it nearly impossible to see, why not make my screen 100% black to make it even better? To add on to the broken minions, her rage summons EVERY dead player rather than Pinkie/Chrysalis where they have a chance instead of guaranteed spawns. This boss is so broken it makes Octavia/Vinyl,Faust, Dovashy, and R-Dash 5000 look underpowered.
  11. As of 11/11/14, halloween cosmetics are NOT showing when equipped. The item server was up for me, so that is not a factor. I was wearing Vampiric Vesture, Templars Spirit. and the Kriegsmaschine-9000 which are all halloween restricted. As a test, I used the Eternaween spell and it told me "Halloween mode is already enabled on this server". Any possible insight? Everyone else had this issue and assumed it was the recent update that broke it. Just a reminder.
  12. Hello and welcome. I am here because I am experiencing a game breaking glitch in tf2 involving fonts (steam name and chat) Special characters and/or symbols in names are barely visible and usually mess up the name (I will post pictures when possible) Another factor is that I suffer fatal frame drops that dips me into <=4 FPS as a see another players name when I spectate or inspect target while alive. It temporarily reduces frames after lagging and goes back to normal. video: -"It's your system specs/OS" Certainly not, my game runs at an average framerate of 30-45 FPS on this server and mostly locks at 60+ on most servers. This frame drop ONLY happens in situations like in the video or when a lot of the pretty particle effects from this server appear. I RARELY lag to the point where It looks like I'm viewing a PowerPoint. -"ping" I don't have low end internet and maintain 20-45 ping. -"It's your mods / you messed with the tf2 files" My skins and huds barely affect performance. This issue appeared BEFORE I even installed these skins. In the most recent update, these special symbols glitched up. Never have I tampered with ANY font files on my computer or in the tf2 files. -"Re-install tf2/steam and verify cache files" I did all of these and the issue still persists. TL;DR Valve released a recent update and it messed up special symbols in player names. I have searched everywhere and CANNOT find a solution. Edit: It heavily involves the October 20th update (Thanks P.B!)
  13. I will gladly be your backup Demoman if you wish. 400+ hours as him and about 2,000 hours on tf2 (Doesn't sound like much but I'm actually experienced) I'm an expert at CQC with his melee, and can dominate on small/medium maps. On the other-hand, I combine the grenade launcher with my sword if it's a large and/or open map. I'm available from 3pm to 10pm on weekdays (Depending on amount/difficulty of homework) and 11am to 4am on weekends (Doing something like eating out can interrupt this). It's up to you If you want me to try out (This whole post is just Incase you need a highlander teammate in the future)