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  1. Thus is the problem with vote systems... Good snipers are OP. A team full of good snipers is like instant victory, which means instant defeat for the other team... That said, class limits would ruin the fun of all-class rushes. Besides, what are the odds that an entire team would be really good at sniper anyway? Personally I find it pretty rare to find people who actually want to play the game, people tend to forget that this is TEAM fortress after all.
  2. I heard that it got locked because the effect wasn't working, not because the effect was bugged....
  3. I think the random capture box is broken...
  4. It's kind of lame, it still hasn't updated it's ragdolls, lacks TF2 stuff, and currently has a player cap of 10.. Does have a playx player for youtube streaming tho, just don't expect them to play what you want or stop playing something if you don't like it (try asking others if they like it), could always disable it in the spawn menu under "options"
  5. How are heavies megaman-themed? AFIK, the closest thing related is the vulcan battle chip series...(one of my fav sorts of early battlechips btw)
  6. Ah, comic con one of the conventions near me that I can't go to because money...hope you all have fun.
  7. Cathode Ray Tube. The box monitors. You know, before flat screen?
  8. I have a CRT...Q.Q Can't you release a separate version? It's strange though, it worked before....
  9. So is this supposed to be a ponyfied, tf2 version of a quake map right? That's really amazing. I have a few halo maps in gmod myself so I suppose this sort of thing isn't unheard of. edit: and the only reason I have those maps is because of RvB.
  10. Is that the Nope or the Nnope? Edit: Is this still up-to-date? Are the sounds fixed? here's some sounds I compiled.
  11. Latest download currently looks like this:
  12. And here's my Kamen Rider playlist
  13. First off is a playlist of all the videos I made relevant to bronies: Then is the stuff I made in gmod that's actually worth watching. My main DA gallery mostly four crossovers and something random. One of my two OCs and a few characters from Kamen Rider Den-O as ponies.