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  1. Recolor *check* add all father *check* rename to star swirl the bearded *check* Come on now where the bells on the hat why is the shape like trixie's hat ? These details may not matter to you, but they do matter to others. more quality plz, less quantity.
  2. If we gonna reward people for less work, while not rewarding people who did more work then i don't wanna be part of this community anymore goodbye........

    1. The_Mr_Kumar


      And that's how Luna's rage should be, good work.

    2. Arokhantos™


      That's how whole map was after i nodraw everything instead of invisible.

      Anyway that was just to try out did't work so :P

  3. Even valve not giving map makers respect...

  4. See its an idea that would be bad, see that would make the clones even more useless then they already are and most pinkies clones just conga anyways.
  5. Have to consider no spellbook load outs can sometimes be pathetic to, some load outs without spells are weak, some weapon balance is bad. But then about spells, some load outs are to good, some, are really bad, just strip all weapons, make spells same each class, make recharge time decent, limit jump and tele to max 1 charge, with 10 15 sec cool down, this way tele and jump should be very good, but not abuseable. And just balance weapons and spells separately.
  6. Spells + weapons are complicated, certain loadouts are more powerful with spells then others, of course it need balance...... If still think does't need balance really need your eyes checked then.....
  7. Balancing spellbook is good idea, kicking people for using spellbook though /facepalm , would't it be easy'r to just disable spellbook plugin ? Anyway better to balance it, satisfies everyone rather then just 1 group.
  8. Still do like to see spells enjoyable for everyone not just 1 group of players.
  9. From what I saw population remained same, well actually increased when it was removed, then continued to drop slowly, then go back up, thing is gametrailers shows these fluctuations every week, if never seen this population drop you speak of, neither any proof, and if there was any it be visible on the game tracker, I did check BTW. Anyway doesn't change the fact players want balance, and enjoy spells their own way, current spellbook balance is to complicated and no fun.
  10. Are we talking about texas or EU server ? EU server is bit complicated, voice you can speak any language just keep in mind there voice chat channels, and if you speak spanish in english channel people may not like it, there multi language channel but you can also create own spanish channel using right channel code. Normal text chat though can chat any language on EU server. Anyway here is a tutorial about voicechat. Texas does't have this.
  11. Add extra jump height to pinkie clones, replace jump sound with fun sound. force pinkie clones to repeatedly jump forward. Add bit more health to pinkie clones to compensate for the +forward +jump.
  12. cellshading inside blender easy mode compared to hammer method /facepalm

    1. Disowned the Title Guy

      Disowned the Title Guy

      Hammer uses very primitive methods to get the job done.

    2. Arokhantos™


      Yeah it is, inside hammer is way more work.

  13. If anyone got good reference images of equestria girls front and side that i can use in blender that be nice, currently seeing how far i can get making tirek model, working on torso and hands at the moment.

  14. The server wouldn't be on its knees if it weren't also for elements like the particle effects from the Celestia boss. If no idea if its just the particle effect, i think its a combination of many abilities having more cycles then necessary.