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  1. bye bye dead server

  2. Welly well well, we got quite the wasteland here, eh? That's a real shame.

    1. Pinkamena1


      Don't make me think about it man

  3. question is, is he even up for moderating? this recommendation seems highly biased and he doesn't look like the person who can do the job right.
  4. Son, I'm gonna blowww

  5. yeah, Mix is a pretty chill dude, I would recommend him as well.
  6. er. i'm was never a real developer? i only gave suggestions to the owners back in 2014, when they actively worked on stuff?
  7. You're right on the 2nd paragraph, Tough Break removed the code of the "ammo becomes health" attribute, rendering it useless. My idea? (I doubt Simple will even care to change spells, but here we go.) either do what the persian persuader did, reducing max ammo by 80%, or hardcode the spellbook to make the player unable to pick up ammo packs.
  8. it was only an assumption, you dont have to go strict on me, jeez.
  9. well, you shouldnt even care for a community that by no means is serious in the first place.its not like you even play hale or a class with low ammo reserves. (regarding if there are spell engineers and no dispensers) sorry it has to be down like this kid, but sadly there are times where you just cant have what you want. funbox and texas will have no gameplay changes with the exception of funbox having additional gamemodes, once spells are fixed.
  10. heh heh heh... that's your fault, isn't it?

    1. Steel Crescent

      Steel Crescent

      I see the ponies here are discovering


    2. spun


      uh, i don't associate myself with mlp anymore. i just come on here because one of my friends want me to stay on.

  11. Welp, if Scootz did indeed quit the community as I heard, then that basically hurts the morale of the other devs, making them lose motivation to even do things for the server, potentially causing all 3 head devs to leave VSP. Without developers mean barely no new content, and barely no new content means the server will turn stale without new bosses, and then the regulars would probably hate not having new content, and they then leave to another community, and if that person was a donator, it hurt's Raini's/Simple's donations, less donators = a cheaper server, meaning that it will have 24 slots, and it would probably be a bit more laggy (assuming Raini never even uses the dallas dedicated machine) And if barely anyone plays, their last ditch effort would be covering this site and the MOTD with ads, which sucks. R.I.P. The Future of Ponyville
  12. I wish y'all can see how bad I'm kickin' yer tail!

    1. Lord Nanfoodle

      Lord Nanfoodle

      But hoo-mans no have tails, so wat u kickin'?

    2. spun


      ....Damn dagnabit!

  13. I would recommend Surprise Pie for staff, he deserves it after all this time he hasn't gotten power, and he seems like someone who would enforce the rules efficiently. Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:49119987 Steam Link: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198058505702
  14. Regarding the spells, it really should go back to one spell at a time, WITH RNG (every player should have different spells, making spell combos harder with same spells). Spell spam has really affected some players of their play style, REALLY relying on spells. It was OP in the old days because before, there were Tiny and Tele spells, and all classes just had no primary weapons. (Leading to spell spies with knives, KGBS, and engies with buildings) Now, to today's standards, it would be great to have one spell at a time, but make the nerfs less intense, and it should work out just fine. Also, Tiny spell kind of would work now, because VALVe's 'bug fixing' with the spell (huehuehue, slopes kill you), so it shouldn't be OP anymore, just saying.
  15. open case and shut, lock pls
  16. I've noticed oilrig being a problem, because pyros could keep airblasing them off the map repeatedly. We need this plugin to fix that, (and I never noticed whompfortress added, nor oirlrig removed) but megaman6 is definitely a problem with the old teleport to spawn plugin. Raini, we need to have this new plugin in.
  17. Oh yeah.... that problem. The big disaster of.. that person. I can't even speak of the forbidden empire.
  18. I've already made a suggestion regarding Dinky, being Ness (because there is a popular Earthbound hack for it) But it's really hard to code, so meh. Here it is anyways: http://forum.ponyville.net/topic/7185-versus-ponyville-boss-suggestions-mechanics-music-etc/?p=124986
  19. I did kind of think it was a glitch (thanks valve) at first, but I didn't really want anyone pointing out that it isn't a glitch and saying I was just making assumptions, so I didn't point that out. Thanks for the confirmation.
  20. Yes, it's that big of a problem. Invis Watches are meant for you to escape, not get tracked down. I'm fine with the particle effects, but the trails need to go. Spy is already nerfed to the ground as he is. Dealing barely any backstab damage compared to the past where he dealt MASSIVE damage. And his dead ringer? One second of cloak? Please! The cloak regen nerf is enough!
  21. Yeah, this was a major annoyance for me, I'm trying to seek out a dispenser cloaked for health after I get hit, but then I get tracked down without knowing anyway how. It's so annoying. Flutterbat is already OP as it is, so it definitely doesn't need the trails at all.
  22. ...

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      Welp, I can't evolve myself, and somebody put up Shield β to where it will block and reflect the evolution stones thrown at me!

    3. The_Mr_Kumar


      Good. Besides, under your Christmas Tree should be a box full of Fire Stones. Enjoy!

    4. spun


      Oh god... NOT THE STONES!