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  1. These bubblegum cigars I got sure are SMOKIN'

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      I gotta get a new needle for my... record player. I also would like some nose candy. That is to say, gummy candy in the shape of an actual human nose. Also does anybody have any PCP (Pink Cupcake Pictures)

  2. So basically I recently started visiting the server playing with some of the UFF peeps on my mumble and I'll be hanging around, though my name on Day Z isn't Drayne O 50% of the time (I have 2 day z hive accounts) Anyways me, sarge, and negevs were trying to fix an ATV when we had a run in with an {AFK} member who had a ghillie suit. According to Pinkamena these {AFK} guys have been frequenting our server since he set it up. Which is fine until the following events happened: I shot him and he disconnected before he died, and sent in another friend who killed me and negevs. I'm mostly salty about these guys because they disconnect to avoid dying. I tried to get back to my body but they kept camping it and killed me 4 more times before leaving. I get back to where I died, but they hid the bodies, and so I give up and head out towards Cherno to check the supermarket because it's not like I could lose equipment anyways. On my way there I heard gunshots from near where we found our ATV. Same gun they killed me with 4-5 times. I head over and they were huddled around the ATV. Mr Ghillie Suit, his friend, and a third guy were there. I shot the ghillie suit guy and his friend who killed me in the head and they died before they could disconnect, and i finished off their third friend. It was a great victory and I fixed the ATV and took off. Among their gear, I scored 2 coyote backpacks (the 24 slot backpack) 3 GPSes, 2 pairs of NVGs, 2 rangefinders, 3 full toolbelt sets minus the radio, an M16A2 ACOG, an M4A1 COO SD, and parts to fix the ATV. TL;DR Any member of {AFK} is really loaded and will kill you on sight, they disconnect in the middle of gun fights, and travel in groups along the coast. If you kill them however, you will get a backpack full of high tier loot and assurance knowing you were able to kill people who cheat via disconnecting mid-gunfight. I have no tolerance for people who think it's ok to disconnect to save themselves mid-gun fight. Make sure if you encounter them, you aim for the head. No matter what gun you have, a headshot is an insta-kill. It does 12000+ blood damage.
  3. and everyone else, including me, should? that's fair the only waiting you had to do was waiting for me to give you the password to the server i rented for us to use last night
  4. Apparently Lyra did too, because he thinks he can just change Chicago to MvM and do whatever he wants with the server as if he owned it. This isn't the first time Lyra has done something like this with Chicago. All I do is update the server and check if there's anything wrong with it so no I have never done something crazy to chicago. On more than one occasion you'ved used the server as your own place to do whatever you want. I remember hopping onto a full server one time and you were enforcing melee only and punishing/slaying or whatever with people who dared to not use a melee weapon.
  5. You can find the mix and details in the description here: http://soundcloud.com/drayneo/hardcore-til-next-time
  6. Apparently Lyra did too, because he thinks he can just change Chicago to MvM and do whatever he wants with the server as if he owned it. This isn't the first time Lyra has done something like this with Chicago.
  7. Link: http://soundcloud.com/drayneo/short-banger-session Just put together a short set for a practicecore tonight. Nothing too special, but I do plan on having a more special/longer set prepared if I end up playing at the next kitchencore. This does have some of the same tracks I used in my last electro mix but uh...deal with it? Downloads enabled as always. Missed a mix and forgot to download it before I removed it? My mixes are now always available for download at http://files.tryhardia.net/mixes Track List: 1) きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ - PONPONPON (Submerse Moe Garage Remix) 2) Girls Generation - The Boys (TAK Remix) 3) Martin Solveig - The Night Out (Madeon Remix) 4) Kap Slap - Breakin' The Doors 5) Lazy Rich - Breakfast of Champions 6) Shay, Borgore - Flex Ft Shay (Document One Remix) 7) Knife Party - Rage Valley 8) DJ Dank - Midnight Moroder (Darth & Vader Remix) 9) Sporty-O - Let Me Hit It - Audiostalkers Original Mix 10) mononofrog_4sk - flying between stars 11) Freakhouze - World In Your Eyes (Rocket Pimp Remix) 12) Kap Slap - Paper Towels in Motion (Skrillex Edit)
  8. Link: http://soundcloud.com/drayneo/uk-drum-hardcore-messing So i'm back again because supposedly people on here still want me posting these things whenever I put new mixes out, but here we go with the copy-pasta'ing of the description from soundcloud: So I've been experimenting with mixing drum & bass and hardcore back to back, so this is the product. I'd /love/ some feedback on it. Like, feedback besides "I love it!" Be picky. Really. But yeah the beginning is the experimental thing, then I go into "Drayne O mixes his current all time favorite j-core tracks" mode Downloads enabled. Track List: 1) Perfume x Xilent - Tenkai of Life (TANUKI Mashup) 2) TANUKI - Close to Me 3) Netsky - Give & Take (Original Mix) 4) Black Ace - Time To Choose 5) TANUKI - Deep Fried Mars Bar 6) TANUKI - GoNaGo 7) DJ Shimamura - Dazzling! feat. Yukacco (Technikore & JTS Remix) 8) DJ Shimamura - SX (2012 Update VIP) 9) きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ - PONPONPON (DJ Twintale Remix) 10) DJ Shimamura - My Name Is HARDCORE (2011 Update VIP) 11) DJ Shimamura - The Jams 12) DJ Shimamura - Enjo-GのI LOVE YOU (Hardcore VIP Mix)
  9. Updated the track list. I forgot to add 14) kors k feat. 吉川順央(LAZY GUNG) - Melody(DJ SHIMAMURA Remix) I guess i was really tired last night while putting together the track list. I knew i used at least one other kors k song in my mix...
  10. kind of. I took the songs, and made a mix out of them with my own DJ controller, similar to what you can see being done in this video: you can see he starts the first transition around 2:30 and completes the transition at 3:06
  11. So i went to Anime Central in chicago this weekend and spent 95% of my shopping money on j-core CDs since this is one of a very very few times I could actually pick up J-Core CDs without having to buy online and import from Japan. So i blindly threw together this mix with all tracks from CDs i picked up overthe weekend. Give it a listen, downloads enabled as always! http://soundcloud.co...en-2012-the-mix Track List: 1) DJ Et3rn1*T - GUNTANK 2) kors k feat. core☆mc - Hardcore Synergy 3) M-Project vs DONK TERRORIST - Nyakina Cat 4) M-Project feat. TANUKI - Frozen Storm 5) DJ Depath & M-Project - Let's Rock (DJ Shoujo Remix) 6) DJ CHUCKY - Acid Nightmare[Feat.M-Project] 7) DJ CHUCKY - Mad Slumber 8) DJ Myosuke - Unprepareness feat. REA 9) M-Project - Distorted Mind (Hell System Remix) 10) DJ Et3rn1*T - ANATA 2010 11) DJ Et3rn1*T - Sweetest Day Of Mayday 12) DJ Shimamura - Tokyo Hardcore Music All Night Long 13) JAKAZiD - ナイショの話 (JAKAZiD's UK✖J-Core Remix) 14) kors k feat. 吉川順央(LAZY GUNG) - Melody(DJ SHIMAMURA Remix) 15) DJ Noriken - Black Cat In The Rain 16) DJ Noriken - TANO*C TOUR 2012 the Anthem (DJ Noriken Remix) Oh, also have a few bonus con pictures. I got to meet a few of the DJs whose music i feature in this mix! My signed Promo CD featuring signatures from DJ CHUCKY, M-Project, DJ Myosuke, kors k, JAKAZiD, and TANUKI, as well as a few others who were at the live show last friday! I didn't get pictures with m-project, chucky, jakazid, or tanuki, but i did get a few with kors k and myosuke! kors k Myosuke
  12. Made a new electro mix as the night went on. Final product can be found here~ http://forum.ponyville.net/index.php?/topic/1699-new-mix-mix-the-mix-by-dj-drayne-o-downloads-enabled/

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  13. Wheeeeee Listen and download here: http://soundcloud.com/drayneo/mix-the-mix