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  1. Can you please stop spamming.
  2. DIDIN'T I say that I DON'T support TWILICORN?
  3. Pinkie pie is an earth pony, not unicorn C:
  4. I'm making a show based on FiM in Game Maker 8.0. It's called "My Little Pony: Friendship isn't just magic". Storyline: still thinking. New features (not all): - Derpy will be now a seventh mane pony, her element is Innocence. - Main villain will be a black-red zebra alicorn called Devilisa. - Dinky will join CMC, becoming the fifth member. - Devilisa will return King Sombra back to life, but Queen Chrysalis will turn to normal (her name will be Princess Realia). - It'll be found out that Discord was actually cursed male Pegasus named Telephone Cord. - Twilight will remain an unicorn. - On November 30, 2013, Scootaloo turns 10 and finally gets her cutie mark: a SNES logo on a skate. She will learn to fly prior to finally becoming an adolescent. - Trixie will be a "friend or foe" character. She will still rival the Mane 7, especially Derpy, but will respect Twilight. - Scootaloo backbullies Silver Spoon so she decides to stop bullying the blank flanks and unite with CMC. - Diamond Tiara will be very pissed off. She joins Devilisa and King Sombra and becomes Devil Tiara. Discuss my ideas, give your own ideas and stuff.
  5. Another poll, with unis for now. Also, no, I don't support Twilicorn.
  6. Another poll to polling. This time choosing the best earth pony.
  7. A poll to polling. Which pegasus is better in your opinion? I choose Derpy^^