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  1. I just bodyshot em', and follow it up with a taunt.
  2. Of course, the counterpoint to this argument is that you can't exactly be a team player when your dead. Whenever I play spy, my first upgrade is ALWAYS at least 1 tick of Health/Kill on my knife. Then I'll focus on my Sapper. Now if your team has plenty of medics/engineers, or you're using a self-healing weapon (Zatoichi-Knights aren't half bad once you get them really rolling), I can understand the argument against buying Health/Kill. The main goal of MvM has to be survival, though, rather than slaughter. Sorry, I meant to word it as "They(the people who hate it, I DONT HATE IT) probably see it only as a personal benefit" I love this upgrade.
  3. People may not like others buying the health on kill upgrade because it only benefits the player, and MvM requires teamwork.(I don't care if you buy this upgrade, this is why I think people don't like it) It is actually extremely useful as a pyro, because you can be shot by EVERYTHING and still be alive thanks to the melee scoutbots.
  4. I like giving nicknames to the MvM bots, like Pyrobo, Democans, Heavy Metals, and Aimbots.

  5. So a server I was playing was doing really good on MvM,and it started to get boring, so someone started a vote to change the difficulty to advanced. The vote passed, and we were getting ready to fight. 30 seconds after the rounds starts, almost EVERYONE has died already. And the bots were able to SPAWN CAMP US. Before the round even ended someone started a vote to turn the difficulty back to normal, and it passed. A quick question, do bowbots only appear on Mann Up Mode?
  6. Only count one of them, but I have another gif I HAVE to show
  7. Decided to try out advanced mode on MvM. We were getting spawn camped by bots, that's embarrassing .

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. RavenShadow


      makes you feel any better i played on that mode yesterday got ganged up on and smashed into a wall by 10 heavies ; ;

    3. nope


      Got stuck on the first bloody wave on Mann Up mode once. feelsbad.png

    4. Lookie


      Glasses you have to take into consideration, THESE BOTS ARE FUCKING AIMBOTTING PR*CKS!

  8. As a Scout in MvM: All Movement Speed Upgrades+Baby Face Blaster= Sound Barrier Breaking Scout. Its actually pretty effective!

    1. Lookie


      Well it is considering the only thing scout is good for is money collecting :P

    2. Dollop of Mayo

      Dollop of Mayo

      And dealing out shittons of damage while being overhealed to 700 health from said money collection and marking sentry busters with the fan o' war and slowing groups with mad milk and and and and

  9. ANOTHER TF2 update? This is the 3rd one today!

  10. Sentry busters are not a problem to me, since my teammates often kill them before they can get near my sentry.
  11. Why is it taking TF2 so long to find an MvM server? It jumped from 3 minutes to 31 minutes...

    1. TheGlasses321


      And as soon as it loaded. "THIS SERVER IS USING AN OLDER VERSION OF THE GAME"

    2. PK Rockin'

      PK Rockin'

      you did not sing for gaben

  12. I think it's going to be annoying playing this on public servers, having a scout swoop in and take your money when he is buffed to the max.
  13. I don't think 5 engies on MvM will be fun.
  14. Z is most OP letter.
  15. This is how most matches are probably going to go: Teams are filled with scouts, spies, and engies. Boss Robot appears and kills them all. If there are class restrictions: ZeGlasses!: Ill play engie! FunGuy: Ill play scout! PonyvilleGuy has left the server (Disconnect) GuyIaddedbecausehetellsstories has left the server (Disconnect) AniceadminfromaserverIlike has left the server (Disconnect) ThatFunnyGuy has left the server (Disconnect) GuywhoaddedmetotradebutIforgottoremove has left the server (Disconnect) ZeGlasses!: F*ck