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  1. That is rather vague. Could you be more descriptive on who you're talking about? lol
  2. "There is nothing cooler than being proud of the things you love."

  3. (╯°□°)╯︵ ❥

  4. There is no way to involves us more Raini! You're stream is already way to unfriendly! I mean you don't give every single person individual treatment and undivided attention! GOSH Ok ok ok, I'm done trollin' I'd love you to play a date sim and have viewers choose the path/dialog choices.
  5. I mentioned this game to you this game to you like two months ago but alas my suggestion went overlooked! *gasp* Woe is me. But but but butbutbutbtutbtubtubtubtutbutbutbutubtubtutbutbtubutbutbutbtubtut...I'd love for you to play this game at some point! :3

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      OBJECTION! *Plays Edgeworth's theme* You say justice, but this is the exact opposite! *Links random events together that make sense*

  7. Docsfox: Raini is so picky.
  8. Docsfox: Raini is bad, i mean good at games!
  9. So I'm totally going to win the ugly sweater contest at work next week. Ahhh yeah

    1. DrayneO


      If I ever try to enter such a contest, i would enter with this http://i.imgur.com/Kj0y3.jpg

    2. Trix
  10. Am I seeing this right? 4 Day Badge with preview night $175 4 Day Badge w/o preview night $150 Single Day Thur-Sat $40 Single Day Sunday $25 so a 4 day badge is $150 and if you buy badges separately each day it's $145?
  11. Cream soda is amazing.

    1. Rainbro Dash
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      Lord Fluffy

      this comment is made of win

    3. Kuni


      Cream Soda is awfully good indeed!

  12. I cannot wait for this game. I love love games that are completely about the atmosphere rather than a focus on action or skill. Here's to hoping it's on PC and sometime in the next year. Although I could play on PS3........bah
  13. Hey, I didn't sign up for highlander! lol gosh