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  1. I mentioned this game to you this game to you like two months ago but alas my suggestion went overlooked! *gasp* Woe is me.

    But but but butbutbutbtutbtubtubtubtutbutbutbutubtubtutbutbtubutbutbutbtubtut...I'd love for you to play this game at some point! :3

  2. So here is doubled-tiered question, and an idea that had been running around in my head the last several days.

    First of all, are there regularly hosted TF2 tournaments for registered teams to compete in for prizes and/or lols?

    And if there are, how many people would be interested putting together such a team, and playing competitively?

    I'm still pretty new to TF2, so I don't know what kind of events are hosted but this seems like a pretty fun idea! TF2 is a really fun game, and remarkably balanced so that a bunch of random people can be thrown together and, as long as they're are marginally coordinated, work together for a decent team dynamic. But I've always felt there is a largely untapped amount of teamwork that can go into a match if a set of people have played and practiced together.

    For example, as a scout, a lv.3 sentry pretty much says "back off" and leaves little room for argument on my part. I've always felt that if I had a spy/demo/soldier to count on for disabling that sentry for just a few seconds I could slip through and do whatever (nab the intel, get the point, etc.)

    I'm sure others have had similar experiences; does anypony like this idea?

    Leagues are few but there are still some around:



    Those circle around a 6v6 set-up. I'm not familiar with highlander but I've heard of one league for it, although I don't remember the name.

    If you're curious how 6v6 works and want to play some pugs(pick up games) try out this site:


    Every now and then a highlander may even pop on there.

    If you want to keep up with competitive news you can try this website:


  3. Personally I don't like the idea of a class system or a leveling system in minecraft. It's not what minecraft is.

    How about community wide projects? IE. A themed town or park that everyone works together to make.

    One of the things people have trouble finding in this game is a sense of direction and maybe this idea could give it to them.

  4. Plan or no plan you need to start with a general idea of what you want to do. If you are having trouble figuring out what it is you want to do then first start with what it is you like about minecraft. For me I love the random world generation so I incorporate the landscape into what I build.

    Start with an idea and work around the restrictions given to you.

    That's what creativity really is.