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  1. So if you look at the part in the intro ((The first episode of season 1)) when it's singing "I used to wonder what friendship could be" you see Big Mac pulling a cart ((Like he does for the rest of the intros in all of the other episodes and seasons)), however in the first few episodes he is tan. However, in the actual first episode when he makes his first apperance ((when Twilight is meeting the entire apple family)), he's his normal coloring. This actually isn't fixed until Season 2 episode 3 ((Lesson Zero)). ((Another change is that Granny Smith is walking with Big Mac, instead of in the opposite direction.)) And also the background changes. But I'm just wondering if I'm the only person who has realized this? 'Cause the body structure and stuff like the mane style and hooves are the same, he's just a diffrent style. I mean maybe I'm completely wrong... but does anyone else think the same or have noticed this? Lol, it's just a realization. :P
  2. So, I drew my OC, and I was just wondering people's opinions on it... I'm not that good at drawing, but yeah n_n just wondering people's opinions. Also it's an Alicorn because I couldn't decide on a type, so I just took a quiz and got Alicorn so~ yeah... lol ((If the image doesn't pop up, it's also my profile pic))