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  1. Hello, it's me. Your so called, threatening villain who threaten Videogame380 but didn't want to because of my bad behavior. Listen, I want to make things right, and I do want to apologize right. And I know, I've threaten, but it wasn't fair I got banned because of a troll. And I'm sorry. So, I want to offer Videogame380 an apology gift. No trick. Can I please talk to him? I have something that shows I'm really sorry. I will get on my knees too.
  2. Red Knight, the unicorn stallion that walks around the world seeking answers and discory new stories. He is a traveling horse that is wonder how he ended up in the world of Equestria. Somehow Red got a distress call from the outside world (Equestria) and wants to go investiage. But then entered the portal and turned into of the pony characters in his new model made. Now Red seeks answer of finding the distressful sound and journeys around the world getting stories. He is a bounty hunter that seeks true justice. Armed with only his horn, his own four hooves, a vest with equipment, and his knowledge, Red is a stallion that can fight. I forgot to mention one thing. Red has a dark secret he does not want to exploit. This happens if his team is hurt badly, his friends and family hurt, or his students. One serious wound, terriifed look, or worst on his freinds, family, team, and students, Red will go in a rampage. His eyes glow completely red.
  3. I might as well join in since I'm new to the forums. Let's me, my cutie mark you see on my avatar is not there. However, unhidden from my dusters or cape, mines has a green leaf. It's almost like those spade leaves you see.