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  1. So, I'm not on here often, I know this. I'm pretty busy with college, bloody projects left and right but when I do watch once in a while, I always get stumped on how silly you all can be.

    1. Leurunner


      Yeah, Projects for School and/or college are very time consuming and they always  have to be done all at the same time.

      I wonder which "genious"came up with all of tese amazing new "Improvements" to the german education-system like G9 and G8.

      That onely reduced the time new sutdents had to learn the same things by one year each.:facedesk:


  2. Eh, they probably have their reasons. I want to help but I'm not that knowledged in SourcePawn. And is it worth saving? That depends from person to person doesn't it?
  3. Maybe during American hours, but i'm on pretty frequently during European hours. Maybe something that you all should keep in mind is that mods and admins also have lives, and that they can be asked to come if they aren't playing?
  4. Well, yeah, it is, but that doesn't mean it's going to die anytime soon. You can save a decline :P
  5. I don't know what you're talking about, but the server is still doing somewhat fine, the forum is pretty dead but that's about it. It's got less traffic than it used to, but plenty of people still play on the servers.
  6. Sure. I'll do so if I see you, however, it is possible I do not see you.
  7. A glitch I'd like to add, with the cheeseling funanza, It is seemingly possible to get killed by chrysalis, spawn as a changeling, get killed as a changeling, and respawn on red. It happened to me and I was utterly confused.
  8. I'll bring it up to Simple next time I see him online, please add your steam ID incase it is needed.
  9. Merry new christmas year everyone.

    I know I'm late, shush

    1. Pinkamena1


      my lips are sealed 

  10. I have made a list of things I have have problems with on VSP. Broken things, lack of things, whatever. Feel free to add to this if you have any other problems. Glitches: -Superjump Glitch: Superjump timer gets set to an obscenely high number, often after Pinkie Pie Or Braeburn, suspected to be because of spamming superjump. -Minions Glitch: When changelings get summoned, they are invisible, immune to most damage and stuck. As a changeling, you seem to float in the air, the models however are ragdolls. They can still backstab and kill people. (Can be fixed by not wearing any accessories) -HHH: Similar to the Minion glitch, if you use the HHH, and turn into the HHH, your get seemingly stuck in the air, and your model is just wonky. (Can be fixed by not wearing any accessories) -Preround Glitches: Red team has weaponstatistics of the VSP gamemode in the arenapreround. When playing as, for example, a scout in the arenapreround, when the round ends and VSP starts, you keep stock arena stats. In scouts case with scattergun: no draining of health, less damage, no heal on hit. -Spectator Glitch: People on red team are still counted as "spectator", red team cannot walk through them, red team can kill them and they can kill red team. VSP still seems to affect their stats though I am unsure. (I heard this may be a Valve thing) Annoyances: -Lack of any new content/fixing. -EU server is totally broken. (Examples: Spell Engineer can build sentries, perma-banned players can still join the server(According to a source)) -Spells in preround (minor inconvenience)
  11. I want to point out something that probably has been pointed out plenty of times. The map vsh_volcanic_b1(I think is its full name) seems to crash people. I was debating on making a forum post but now I'm kinda sick of it. I played for roughly 7 minutes on volcanic, and I crashed 3 times. The maptime wasn't even over, as there was another 7 minutes before mapchange. I know it's not played that much, but when it is it's just a big bother. I almost spend more time starting TF2, connecting to the server and watching a game, than actually even participating. It's just annoying. As such, i'd like to request to remove the map. Thanks for reading my rant :3
  12. Bird Pope, I wholeheartedly disagree with that. I've known Taoru and Colgate for a long time now, and I have yet to see such behaviour. If anything, they are role-model players. Yes, I agree, my opinion is very biased, but I can't say that I ever saw Colgate or Taoru act like that.
  13. Are we not entitled to our own opinion? I dislike Sea Pony with my life. I just hate fighting her. And I will show my disliking. And that's fully allowed. I'm sorry you like her and that our opinion is not yours, but that's not my problem. I didn't react like this when you said my OC was bad, even if only as a bad example. You can't compare my OC to a boss on the server, since mine is all made up and all of my own. Sea Pony is for all donators. Maybe you should just accept it, also, it doesn't help that you spam the boss everytime you're on. Maybe you should diverse a bit? I know I'm not one to talk, since I spam Chrysalis, but atleast I ignore their whines about it. And Steel, you really should've seen this coming. If they complain on the actual server about the boss, why would it be any different here?
  14. I myself wouldn't mind if vinylbat was unbanned, but if I'm not mistaken a ban appeal recently happened for him already which got denied? I have no reasons why he should be unbanned other then my personal liking, which isn't that much of a valid reason.
  15. We have time nor ability to do this for every person on the server who misbehaves. And apologies that we are the ones that do constantly look at chat.