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  1. So I haven't played on here for a while, but I came back to play some and I noticed that I can no longer find the weapon stats database to see what weapon stats have changed since I last played. Where can I find all the stats?
  2. So just yesterday, I was playing TF2 on the server, and I was being backstabbed by Strew many times. Every single backstab he got on me made me rage even more. I personally know I have anger management issues, but I've never actually got this mad before playing TF2. As a result, I swore a banned word in a broken manner so that it would show up instead of being blocked. I am not a racist, but when I rage, I say whatever swear word that happens to pop up unconsciously, which happened to be the racist word. I was gagged for saying that and I became unable to apologize for it. Thankfully, being gagged didn't remove the use of a microphone, so I apologized to Strew for that. In truth, he's an insanely good spy that I can't believe he actually is that good. It really sucks not being able to type things, especially since I don't use my microphone as much as typing. I can't ask questions, ask for weapons, trades, etc. I don't know which admin gagged me, but I apologize for my inappropriateness. If it is possible, I would like to be ungagged. My ID number is 0:0:65725562 The IP is