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  1. Can someone please tell me what the Vinyl Scratch themes are, and the Octavia/Scratch duo's?

  2. Yes please! Also. I have been searching for the Vinyl Scratch music, and the Octavia duo song, anyone know what it is?
  3. All I want is an updated class info list in game. I want to know that the Rocket Jumper is awesome, the Bazooka can load infinite rockets, Tickle-Mitts do nothing, and what the hell recharges the Demoman's shield!

    1. The_Mr_Kumar
    2. Minnow


      It's very outdated. See the Soldier's for example: http://i.imgur.com/jdJYW6z.png

  4. I'm looking for a Heavy unusual, I will give steam funds for it.
  5. Well when the Pinkie's are spawned in, they are immune to falling damage for like, a second or two. So what if when Pinkie teleports to a player, it showers them with clone-Pinkie's instead of locking them in place, or spawns a stack of them on their head, slightly fairer than getting telelocked.. And for Chrysalis, what if the changelings either spawn at Blue spawn, or create a fallout? Like they all drop in. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SZEXLlNxFM4&t=10s
  6. Sweet! Then here are two rounds on Crevice, well, the second one's just a highlight! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kyYsM3QSrJk http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R52VbMkushY
  7. Oh man, thanks for snagging that moment! I totally forgot about it until now. Also are we allowed to upload our own recordings, or is there a thread for that?
  8. So Dr_Safety_First got removed due to the Stalemate crash. This was when Discord was in the bulldozer and the time runs out. Anyone know of a solution? Or, is there a way to disable/extend the time limit by like, 4 minutes?
  9. Something fun from the TF2 WIki. "...a player that has done 800 damage or more in the last 20 seconds has a melee crit rate of a whopping 65%." -[[www.wiki.teamfortress.com/wiki/Crits#Critical_hit_chance]] This explains why Hale vs team fights end up with four people getting crit-hit! Noticed this a lot more when we went on a Heavy Army spree.

  10. This should be a new Hale!

    No, it shouldn't, but I'd like to see it in like a DR or something!
  11. Something I noticed. On the Funbox server, in DR_Safety, if the map time expires when DR_Discord is in the bulldozer, the map crashes when the next round should start.

    1. Minnow


      I hope there's a way to fix this, maybe upping the time constraint, I dunno.

  12. Sometimes you gotta look yourself in the mirror and say, "When in Rome."

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      Run 26 miles to athens, break into the counsil, shout we won, and fall over and die?

  13. I just love the Planeswalker Helm for Medic. Any glasses or goggles fit so well within it! Also, I like the Apparition's Aspect, but I can't decide if I should use my second Misc slot on Jingle Bells or glasses/goggles.. Spent a metric boatload of metal in order to create a 'derpy' Pyro, sticking with this from now on! Dream Pyro [non-unusual] loadout completed!
  14. Fair enough, I should have noticed the slaps, but wait, do they effect Hale all? I didn't see any indication of them occurring... Anyways, so I got banned because I did not change it in time? I thought I was supposed to change it next round, but I got kicked [And banned] before that round occurred. Thanks for reading.
  15. Ahoy-hoy! Got a temporary ban [i think.] for my spray, but I was playing as Hale when the news was posted. I briefly saw in chat someone, Lyra I think, say "Change your spray next round" or something to that tune. I assumed that I was being referred to, but when I saw a spray of 124% clop, penetration and all, I assumed that Lyra was telling that person to change it instead. So I went on, won the round once the Pyro jumped off the lamp and I jumped on to his head and then asked in chat if mine was fine: And my incoherent typing was my shoddy attempt at asking if my spray was alright, for I have seen many 'saucy' sprays, some animated ones as well! I asked a while back, got a green light, asked again, got a red light, green light, a random invite asking for the full size image, and then, well, what happened today! I shouldn't have been skirting the line, if I'm ever allowed back in, you won't see any more Zecora from me, or anything else mildly suggestive.