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  1. I'm making a song called "Dubstep, Sex, and Ponies" XD NO! IT IS NOT A CLOP SONG! I ain't like dat XD

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    2. Whatever You Want

      Whatever You Want

      dat love and tolerance

    3. Dj Refl3x

      Dj Refl3x

      I don't need to have a high amount of love and tolerance.... I can love and tolerate... I just don't want to :3

  2. I buckin' love Rainbow Dash, bro! Ya'll haters are just jealous cause you aren't 20% cooler cx (FTW)
  3. Anyone else out there into making EDM? Show me some of your stuff!!! :D
  4. So, I recently have come to realize that I feel a strong attraction to Dashie... Like it's not sexual or anything, it's more of a "just want to hold her close and comfort her" kind thing... But the thing is, is this wrong? It feels like it is... :/ I'm not sure, any advice? Like, I fully realize she is a fictional character... ._.
  5. Rainbow Dash is best pony... If oyu don't like that then thats to bad XD