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  1. Dear Valve, regarding your latest TF2 update:

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    2. Rainford


      They changed the sv_pure settings on Valve servers meaning that nobody can use any custom models, sounds, etc on them

    3. Scootz


      LOL Fuckin' Valve

    4. The_Mr_Kumar
  2. Who knew that people can get so angry when I kill them with pistol spam as Thi

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    2. Zari Puff

      Zari Puff

      I kept thinking it had something to do with liquid entities, since Sarysa reported it was happening a lot on Badlands too.

    3. PinkieLunaShy


      Woah... your picture. I'm just gonna stare at it. Forever....

    4. Zari Puff

      Zari Puff

      I... kinda do the same thing.

  3. I'll break down BDU's post and say what I think This happens with every non-donor boss within the first few days/weeks of release, nothing new. Although yes it is imbalanced. I wouldn't say that they are "silly" ideas, just creative ones that can show if a boss ability is good for a boss to have or not. I agree with all of these, not only do the bat effects completely nullify the aspect of stealth and surprise, but they also cause a LOT of lag for pretty much all players. I semi-agree with this, I agree with the fact that there should be less donor-required bosses but I think that popular fandom bosses should still be created, just at a slower and less regular pace. If we didn't incorporate new characters then we'd soon run out of bosses to create, even if the extremely minor characters were created. On a side-note, I'm no-one in charge or to tell people what to do, but I'd like Flutterbat to be removed from the boss list temporarily, at least until the lag issues are fixed.
  4. Downloading new Super Smash Bros on my 3ds, woohoo

    1. Scootz



    2. Desudesu


      *hates being poor* ;-;

  5. So does this mean that thi is going to be released soon? :o
  6. Super Smash Bros is now available as a free demo on the eShop on 3DS! :D

    1. Scootz


      Oh really welp TO THE eSHOP!

    2. The_Mr_Kumar


      Late to the party much?

    3. Papper2k


      Pretty Meh to play with only 5 characters, controls are ok, the gameplay is smooth, but it is a demo so its alright

    1. knutstrand



    2. The_Mr_Kumar


      Counter offer him for the same items, minus the black painted-Troublemaker's Tossle Cap.

  7. 1. USD is converted to your local currency when you reach the PayPal page, so you don;t necessarily have to use dollars to donate. 2. PayPal is currently the only way of real money transfer to donate, however you can donate a certain amount of TF2 keys to Videogames380 and he will enable donator status for your account
  8. Addicted to Mario Kart music, send help

    1. PBandJ Commando

      PBandJ Commando

      You should continue listening to Darude - Sandstorm

    2. knutstrand


      I can send a blue shell...

    3. Rainford
  9. My non-brony friend showed me this
  10. Goddammit, I would've totally been the pyro. If I actually lived in the US. Why must I be in EU and miss out on stuff like this ;-;
  11. Only one more day of having to use mobile wifi, then I can finally have my 7mb/s internet installed

  12. so it would be a bit like this?