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  1. personally i don't like the idea for banning for weapon names due to the fact if you did a lot of players would be getting the short end of the stick which is personally why unless told by another admin that I've got to do it that i personally wont punish for weapon names as to you have to either die to said player or inspect them which doesn't happen often enough to really cause an uproar the only weapon related thing i enforce is that the use of sexually related decal on the "weapon conscientious objector" or stuff like "flare" and stuff like that which can be custom fitted for everyone in game to see vulgar pictures openly. and even then so i ask the player to kindly remove said weapon due to its offence before taking any real harsh action but ill talk with another staff member regarding this to further detail. as to not have any bias'ed opinion. regarding the ban submission of Megataconator
  2. why are you referencing a person who joined roughly 8 days before him? chaos joined Dec 29 2014 and zeke jan 06 2015 math is important and if you add the hours from chaos to zeke zeke = total hours between just 2 of his names tm and not tm is 624 hours and chaos at 164 why compare the two not to insult either party but your reference is completely wrong
  3. i do not normally post but ive been hearing the need for more mods so i'm making a suggestion list Toeru on during the later hours of the daySTEAM_0:1:17085609 i'm suggesting toeru because i have not seen a real negative display from toeru in game. and from his personality and actions of rule enforcement shown in game i think he would have the potential to step up to the plate. Col, or Colgateconsistently plays now i have seen him suggested a numerous amount of times in the past but never put up to the test im not sure if hes got something holding him back but i once again haven't really seen anything bad from him so i think he has potential as well and should be considered now for players in the future you might consider Zeke Aileron i'm suggesting Zeke for future conversations and discussions due to his actions on the server as well hes seems to have his priority's right but beyond that judgment falls to others the profile links for col and zeke can be seen on codes post so i see no reason to post it
  4. I dont really post but this is a solly challenge and im a solly on the server so here we go hale: iron pills loadout: airstrike gunboats stock shovel i didnt go for any goomba's wanted full launcher damage and i only did this a few rounds cuz i hate using anything but stock rocket if the image does not load well i dunno i have never really posted images on forums also Gimping your self by using the airstrike. you cant gimp what belongs to the gimp
  5. if your looking to learn to airshot the best practice will come from a below normal gravity server but that to me is kind of a crutch im still in the process of learning airshots as well but i aiming for is for when i play i use stock once you get a hang of airshots with low grav move it too an standard gravity server and polish it up i have nothing against the direct hit because it is definatly better for damage output on airborne targets.
  6. i could be posting this all wrong but i teach rocket jumping from standard to advanced methods to players now most people say this is not possible but they probably dont do it right tips help and go a long way but for those people interested in being more mobile than a scout and more dangerous i help teach rocket pogo styles in team fortress 2 i have a server set up for private teaching if any players are interested you can contact me. i have people i am already helping but if you become interested, i do not reject players interested in learning the soldiers finest art of TF2 just get in contact with me and ask me nothing more than that is required if you want to have fun fast traveling around the map to get to the hale/player or land a goomba stomp with a good feeling.
  7. one day away now and Arokhantos helped me set up a twitch stream account for the give away for those who want to see it god knows why you need to see if its legit free is free after all but just so you all know www. (i did this to prevent an error from popping link the thing together for the stream) ill be trying to start the streaming around 9PM est ill use a random RTD site and write down player names and give them values 1-31 max if its a 32 slot -1 for me being there as to how the item is give if you read the list you choose one of the following items from it and are thus eliminated from the give away unless all other ppl do not want anything if they ends being the case all previous winners are able to be rerolled untill all the items are gone i am doing it this way so no one feels left out due to poor RNG or luck or what ever you believe in so everyone can be a winner and get something so there is no favoritism in this give away. and for a note i now have 3 L'HOMME BURGLERRE because my older bro jacked one from me. no other changes have happened.
  8. that might be difficult ive only streamed once and it didnt work to well for me it was super lag fun time and it crashed me as well but if you can find a proper streaming system id be glad to stream it for proof
  9. thank you for the idea videogamer ive been looking for good ideas for either RNG or some other way to doll these out and i know a lot of number generators and that sounds like a really good idea if no one suggests a better one i think ill try that
  10. Ok so Ive been talkin about this in the Texas funbox for quiet some time now i finally got told this is the place to put this and here we go my give away will be items (misc/hats) from the new fall crates series 72/73 there IS NO cost or anything to join my give away. all it takes is your presence i intend to host this give away in the server although this may change due to admins if they request i leave it to forums only if the case comes but my Give away if not will be held ON THE 20TH at around 9 PM EST if nothing major occurs at my household if something does ill host it the following day same times but i usually only have my own health problems so i should show up without any problems ive done 2 give aways on the Funbox but this is my first forum official give away. if i host this on the server it will be the texas funbox how i will doll out the items is still To be determined :s sorry for my indecisiveness in stock for the give away i have this ( incoming massive list) i wish i could've used excel here :< all names will be in capitals for the items proper spelling cutting to the chase now stock name class/restriction 2 THE MEDICAL MYSTERY (medic/misc) 3 THE HURT LOACHER (demo/misc) 4 ESCAPIST (spy/hat) 2 THE WARD (medic/misc) 1 POP-EYES (pyro/misc) 5 THE FRENCHMAN'S FORMAL (spy/misc) 4 BEEP BOY (engineer/misc) 6 A BRUSH WITH DEATH (medic/misc) 1 VIKING BRAIDER (heavy/soldier/engineer/misc) 2 CUBAN BRISTLE CRISIS (heavy/misc) 5 THE BONE DOME (pyro/hat) 1 THE GOLD DIGGER (engineer/misc) 8 THE AIR RAIDER (pyro/misc) 3 HONG KONG CONE (all class hat) 7 THE SLICK CUT (medic/hat) 2 PIRATE BANDANA (demo/hat) 4 L'HOMME BURGLERRE (spy/hat) 5 THE COTTON HEAD (pyro/hat) 3 LI'L SNAGGLETOOTH (sniper/misc) this is my first forum post if the format bugs out im sorry i don't have full access to excel on this comp and i hate words style of it :3 Raini might post something on the steam group for those who don't read the forums as much and thank you for that Raini
  11. Rocket Pogo'ing is an Art in tf2 at its finest ( i teach it) :3

    1. Screwsies


      Better to Triplejump with stickies tho :)

      But I always love sollies that can pogo all 4 rockets :p

    2. Gimpyprime


      its pretty hard i wont say i get it all the time buy ive done and and wiped piss snipers in the face :3