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  1. I'd second that, it's actually been a problem for a long while it's just that It hasn't been brought to anyone's attention. Plus my connection speeds are so fast it never really bothered me that much. There's plenty of maps to choose from anyway so removing this one shouldn't be the end of the world.
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    2. Disowned the Title Guy

      Disowned the Title Guy

      I don't see the purpose of switching jag with southern hospitality and then removing carrying buildings.

      Also Eureka effect is removed by a config option in FF2, because of its teleport. I don't know if there's a built-in way to disable that.

      Also, none of these remove primary weapon, leaving none of the wrenches a 'sentry wrench' like the jag is now. I do however like the aspect of not being able to move buildings. Southern hospitality should be able...

    3. Disowned the Title Guy

      Disowned the Title Guy

      able to be fast and mobile, but not pack as much of a punch.

    4. Brony Down Under™

      Brony Down Under™

      I look at the Southern Hospitality and see something that can pack a punch. Being What you described is basically the (Suggestion) Jag.

  2. So as some of you may be too ignorant to see, Ping range is actually quite a problem. It affects how the game is played. Now those living in texas or a few states over may have slight issues with playing against 200 ping rales with a demo weapon or whip however; once you add 200 ping to the other side the range goes from stupid to downright insane. I've been hit 3 seconds after moving with a combined ping of 500 and an eyelander. If you know the ping you can adjust your playstyle which in return allows you to live longer and deal/heal more damage leading to more chance at victory for the Red Mercs. Ping masking helps players gain the false allusion advantage which helps them kill players more easily. It's an exploit like any other; intended or not. Is it bananable? Well you simply refer to the rule list Zeke mentioned not to mention the quote from Raini. Adding to that, high ping hales in general do need to be cut down, If it means that I can't play hale due to my 190 ping, then so be it. I don't really have much on the Mid-Air Rage issue. Simply put however, Braeburn needs a bigger superjump cooldown anyway. Plus that these rages work as taunts they're bound to be abused.
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    2. Steel Crescent

      Steel Crescent

      Fair enough plus spells make them a pain in the pony ass to get too.

    3. Brony Down Under™

      Brony Down Under™

      I may be able to add 5% movement speed to the crossbow but give it a slower projectile speed.

    4. Zeke Aileron™
  3. So I've been doing some suggestions for Sniper, let me know if you have any comments on it.

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    2. Aurotzel


      Make it remove your primary, but buff it way too much :3. SMG SNIPPPERRR

    3. Zeke Aileron™
    4. Steel Crescent

      Steel Crescent

      i would love an SMG sniper.. DPS over pure dmg.

  4. Speaking of those who are quiet. I can understand if a Moderator does not wish to use thier mic but the text chat gets ignored way too much. Personally I think that Moderator's should have the admin speaking command in order to get the attension of certain players. My prime examples are Col and Taoru, who I've had to speak for in the past due to them being a text chat only player.
  5. i like the suggestion Brony.. but i never said take away the Airblast.. all i said was take away the Flamethrower when a Pyro is last man due to the fact they can troll Airblast you into a failmate... plus even with the can't get Ammo from dispensers you still gotta be wary of a Pyro Camping Ammo Boxes... If you wanna cripple a pyro you take away the secondary. They can't flare gun jump away or get in those cheap Shotgun shots. And if they're constantly finding ammo then the map is at fault, not the player or boss.
  6. Here's a link to the item below: I can explain why this is offensive if neccessary. While this name can be seen as offensive I've had Taco play spy infront of multiple staff members (My past self included) and not one of them questioning the name. If they wanted him to remove the knife, he would simply stop using it for ponyville. Taco doesn't get special treatment nor does anyone else. It's just that different staff have different views and restrictions on how they follow the heavily outdated MOTD. If it's such a big deal, just ask him to stop using it.
  7. Backburner (Attribute 40, 1146) 100% critical hits from behind (24) +30% damage bonus (2) +20% afterburn damage bonus (71) +75% more flame distance (164) +100% airblast cost (170) 50% less health from healers (69) Cannot collect ammo from dispensers (421) No random critical hits (15) Degreaser (Attribute 215) +20% more flame spread area (162) +20% more flame distance (164) +100% afterburn duration (73) +30% afterburn damage bonus (71) +50% faster weapon switch (178) 25% damage penalty (1) +50% airblast cost (170) 50% less health from healers (69) Cannot collect ammo from dispensers (421) Phlogistinator (Attribute 594) +100% damage bonus (2) +40% critical resistance on wearer (62) +15% more flame spread area (162) 25% max primary ammo on wearer (77) 15% less flame distance (163) 40% less afterburn duration (74) No airblast (356) No random critical hits (15) Stock/Rainblower/Nostromo Napalmer (Attribute numbers include 21, 208, 659, 741, 798, 807, 887, 896, 905, 914, 963, 972 and 30474) +50% damage bonus (2) +25% more flame spread area (162) +25% more flame distance (164) +50% afterburn damage bonus (71) While a medic is healing you, this weapon’s damage is increased by 25% (233) Cannot collect ammo from dispensers (421) I don't play hale that oftten and when I do it's really not that hard to deal with a pyro. You just gotta know how. Pyro's airblasting is what they do, take that away and nobody will play pyro.
  8. Yeah If someone could find the weapon indexes for these new reskins it would help. I don't think Simple can do anything until he knows what they are.
  9. Colgate already made a beautiful suggestion for this.. GG well then darn.... the master of Ye has beat me too it... still hope it happens. It's the hale's problem if they leave a pyro last and can't one rage him. Same goes for Soldiers or Scouts., no matter how much people bitch about it.
  10. How's this then. Short Circuit (Attribute 528) +400% damage bonus (2) +30% faster firing speed (6) On Fire: Generates an electrical field that destroys and damages enemies in front of the player. (300) Consumes 20 ammo per projectile destroyed (?) No reload necessary (307) 10% max metal on wearer (81) Per Shot: -5 ammo (298) Uses metal for ammo (301) No metal from dispensers when active. (421) Cannot be crit boosted (288) No random critical hits (15) For those wondering, in a pub this does 4-6 damage at close to medium range with about 20 for a crit. Four times that would make it 16-20 with 80 per crit at a rate of 0.195 seconds each.
  11. It's been a while since I've posted in this place. I saw some talking of Engi's so I'm gonna expand on that. I've been working on some overhauls for each class for a while now and Engi is one of my completed ones. Engi is a pain to deal with so let's fix that, starting with the wrenches. Stock Wrench (Attributes include 7, 193, 169, 662, 795, 804, 884, 893, 902, 911, 960, 969) +25% max primary ammo on wearer (76) +10% max metal on wearer (80) +10 metal regenerated every 5 seconds on wearer (113) +10% sentry damage bonus (287) +10% sentry range (344) +20% dispenser range (345) 20% damage penalty (1) 15% slower firing speed (5) 10% slower construction rate (93) 30% health from healers on wearer (69) Jag (Attribute 329) (Allows use of Primary weapon) +25% faster firing speed (6) 15% faster construction rate (92) +10% dispenser range (345) +10% sentry firing speed (343) +3% faster move speed on wearer (109) 10% max metal on wearer (81) 20% slower repair rate (95) 40% damage penalty (1) Southern Hospitality (Attribute 155) (Disables use of Primary weapon) +15 metal regenerated every 5 seconds on wearer (113) +20% sentry damage bonus (287) +15% sentry range (344) +30% dispenser range (345) +15% max building health (286) 40% slower firing speed (5) 20% slower construction rate (93) 8% slower move speed on wearer (54) Cannot carry buildings (353) Blocks healing while in use (236) Gunslinger (Attribute 142) +25 max health on wearer (26) 5% faster move speed on wearer (107) 10% faster construction rate (92) 20% max metal on wearer (81) Replaces the Sentry with a fast building Mini-Sentry (124) The Eureka Effect (Attribute 589) (Disable teleport ability) +25 metal regenerated every 5 seconds on wearer (113) 25 metal reduction in building cost (148) 30% faster construction rate (92) 100% damage penalty (1) 50% max metal on wearer (81) Cannot carry buildings (353) Going from Mobilty to Power it stands as Gunslinger, Jag, Stock and Southern with Eureka as the wild card.
  12. Heh, as an Australian with a constant 200 ping I know the pain. Hit regs go out the window and when the hale and myself have high ping the range is a football field. I hardly play hale these days, only for the fun or to show off a hale's true power. I've learned to live with my high ping even if I may bitch about it from time to time. I'd support the idea of moving the funbox to Jersey or something, variety is always nice.
  13. My post intends to defend Vinylbat's Appeal and attempts to be as unbiased as possible. At approximately 3am I was notified that this thread existed, however I decided to withhold my remark as I knew I was not in the right state of mind. As I am the only connection Vinylbat has to the VSP Community I feel as I am the only one qualified enough to give a full statement on him. Vinylbat has been a part of the Community for approximately 16 months and his country of origin is Australia. He is only 17 years of age so his personality consists of rude comments, anger issues and sexual references. However he's also generous, humourous, a watchful eye for rule breakers and surprisingly nice once you get down too it. There was a time period where I left the server for just over a month, in leaving statement to Raini I added to the end of it that "As a replacement, I would like to suggest Vinylbat or Colgate. Both players have shown to be moderator material. Vinylbat is also in the same time region as myself and I trust him to get the job done." However around a few days after he gained moderator status it was withdrawed from him due to Arokhantos. As I was told, he obtained an old steam chat between Vinylbat and Zari Puff. While there may of been other factors I am unaware of, losing your moderator status over something that happens outside the servers shouldn't be deemed worthy enough of evidence. Upon my return I regained my status and continued my regular duties as a Moderator, then some time later Vinylbat received a permanent ban for what classifies as "Harassment" and I can understand Simple's course of actions to deal with the situation. Vinyl may not be able to withhold his comments about people but that is a trait he simply needs to fix. Every player is guaranteed to not get along with one another and thats something they have to accept. Now him getting moderator is a lost cause for reasons already previously mentioned in a separate thread, However I feel a decrease in his ban is in order, which will give him time to adjust his personality to be suitable for the server. Vinylbat has made plenty of mistakes, thats a given, however he's simply caught the worst of it by pissing off people who really like using proof to get back at people. I am going to not share most of my personal remarks due to them (most likely) starting more unneeded arguments (Personal quotes and remarks are unnecessary no matter who you are honestly). What I will say is that Vinyl made the effort to rename all of his items as they were deemed offensive, and that I'm tired of staff members treating female players with special care. They are simply someone else that supports the server, regardless of gender. Anyone can break the rules no matter if they're a free to play, donor, male, female, moderator or admin. As a side note, General Scootz, Mentioning myself in your comment does not give you any extra strength behind your argument,. Those were my actions not Vinylbat's and I have already received warnings and made my apologies behind those statements. We may be close friends but we are two separate people.