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    Yeah I'm totally gonna put this up here so then all those people asking me for weed can come find me. I'm not stupid y'know.
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  1. Don't you love it when illness sneaks up on you? "Oh you had plans? NOT ANYMORE POTATO!"

  2. I can't handle relationships. Or love. Or life... God I'm pathetic..

    1. sarysa


      FYI, Disowned was referring to a reply before his that got deleted. heh...

  3. It's been a few months hasn't it? Either way, hey everyone. I ended up not starting that smoothie business, I got into vocaloids though. Its a sad obsession. Oh and I ended up in a relationship with my best guy friend. I stuck to my singleness pact thingy for like 6 months. Anyway, how's everyone?

    1. The_Mr_Kumar


      Pretty much the same.

    2. PBandJ Commando

      PBandJ Commando

      New hales, new stuff.. oh and squeakers.

  4. I'm gonna start a business.. A Smoothie business. yeas...

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    2. Scootz


      I'm not Fat D: I'm only 127 pounds D:

    3. Zari Puff

      Zari Puff

      Not for long if you keep up those slushies.

    4. Scootz


      I'm drinking one right now ;~;

  5. Dating and Relationships; I had one, it ended, I'm done with dating...

  6. I honestly didn't know MLP: FiM for two years after it's release. I was in the middle of moving and my whole family was crammed into a hotel room, it's extremely difficult to live in a small one bathroom, one room, hotel room with 9 people. I was sitting around and saw a promo for the royal wedding, checked out the show and fell in love with it. Mainly with Nightmare Moon, JUST LOOK AT HER!! GMAH! Anyway I ended up getting teased by my brother until he became a slight fan and watched episodes with me.
  7. My brother got a new bow today and gave me his old one. Now my wrist is killing me because everytime I released an arrow the string would hit my wrist. After we finished shooting my brother handed my the thing to protect my wrist so it wouldn't hurt. He's a jagaloon...

  8. I'm not even 5'4"... Dang... I feel so short now.
  9. I have been slapped..... by a bass clarinet named Alejandro. It has been called an accident, but Tiberius Piccolo the Third doesn't believe it was. Hrrrmmm... Screw you Alejandro!

  10. So I'm back....ish. I've been so busy in the past year that I haven't been on. So, how is everyone?

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    2. PinkieLunaShy


      Mmm True. Last year was interesting. I found out I was a drug dealer!

    3. Scootz


      Lies I have been on this server longer then you think Kumar just never on the forums or played on the server much!

    4. The_Mr_Kumar


      And there lies your problem; oh how it was a lovely world on the forum side of the community...

  11. So I read all my posts from the past year and stuff all i have to say is: HOW IN THE HELL DID YOU ALL PUT UP WITH ME??!

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    2. The_Mr_Kumar


      Now that you jogged my memory up, WyW, wan't there some mushrooms you have yet to deliver?

    3. Zari Puff
    4. Papper2k
  12. So Im Back in school.. Yeaaaaaa! Im not really happy but my classes are easy so um yeah.... HI EVERYBODY!!

  13. In the time I've been gone I've 1) Kept writing 2)Got a boyfriend 3) Prank called my boyfriend with my guyfriend who hates my boyfriends guts and finally 4) Hung out with my Best friend as we went car shopping. Oh and I got lost with my Mom on the way to WalMart.

  14. Has it honestly been a month since I've been on here? Huh? Well HI GUYZ!

  15. We hit a deer, with a bus. A BIG YELLOW School bus. We bounced like 6 feet off of our seats! 2 coaches 1 bus driver and 4 students. ELITE TRACK SQUAD UNITE!!