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  1. I just got into the game and I have the "Ponex mod" turned on, so I was wondering if this server works witht this mod.
  2. I second this, there appears to be more than one steam/TF2 update that is going around. I am guessing that they updated their servers once and steam/TF2 just sent another update, right after the server updated. I say this because, I noticed that steam was downloading a few more updates as I was between games. So for me it went like this... I could connect around 2 to 3PM... then around 6 to 7 I could not...and now I still can not.
  3. Ummm, one suggestion I would add as a possible new character, would be Kind Sombra, as a possible new hale. I would think that his power would go something like this.... All weapons that are fired AT HIM would instead get RETURNED to the shooter, as as a kind of deflector when he rages, also the screen (On the players view) would get darker and darker with green and black smoke until it blinds them for a few seconds, kind of like what Pinkies or "cupcakes" pinkies rages do. Second, Also I would suggest there be a "cool down" of some sort for Rarity when she goes from one disguise to another, there seems to be a lot of people complaining in my last game of how she feels overpowering, for her to go from one disguise to another so quickly. I never played her as a hale, so I am not sure if there is one already in place or not. I'm just throwing ideas out there.
  4. Any luck getting your server and content back? I hope the help I provided at least helped you out.
  5. I noticed when I connected to the server, it has the daily server message directing me to this site, so just so you know that server gives the appearence of directing me to this side. Just so you know. Not sure how else to help besides what I did.
  6. I was surprized, that got the response in which I recived. The Server I.P is The Title is Called "PonyLiving TTT Trubble in PonyVille". You can also find it under "internet" section and under the TTT gamemode after typing in "pony" in the search box. I also just noticed the server got a little more popular in the last hour, after I made this post, perhaps people are following my lead and also looking for it after reading my post? Anyway, I will do whatever I can to help.
  7. I was on the server as of late and noticed, it is empty. I was curious as to what times or events in, which the server would have other people playing on it, since I can't play TTT by myself... Last time, I was on this server there were 20 plus people playing and I had an excellent time! So I'm trying to figure out when is the best time to join the TTT server, when there are people playing. I was excited to see the server go back up, but I am not sure when is the best time to join the server, when it will have people playing it. I know there are people on the RP server, but the TTT server always seems to be empty when I join. Am I doing something wrong? Also If it helps I'm in the Eastern time zone, (I live in NJ, USA)