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  1. Banned for being prettier than me.
  2. Here's a happy video about climbing trees!
  3. http://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/films/news/first-official-deadpool-trailer-leaks-from-comic-con-2015-10384758.html Sorry it's in poor quality but the audio is pretty cool. You can see some aspects taken from the leaked trailer a few years ago and it makes me happy to see them. Looks interesting so far. Honestly, I'm looking forward to it.
  4. Oh god, everyone from PF2 flooding Ponyville.

  5. Oh really, sorry. ^^; I tried looking all over for it, but couldn't find it over this blasted phone I'm on. My sincere apologies!
  6. Howdy neighbors, names Dinkleberg. You might know me as the best neighbor ever. I'm going to stay here for a while so that you may all bask in my glory. My profile picture? This is my OC, Storm Watcher (Some people call her Dinkle), an Earth Pone obsessed with storms. She is a meteorologist that studies the weather patterns over Everfree forest. Anyway, I think that's as much as I can say right now. I'll see you all on the servers where I remain supreme.