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  1. I'm just asking if it could be updated with the current balancing changes. I've been trying to refer to it, and a couple times have been rather thrown off when things didn't do as noted. Ex: Concherer is stated in the page to provide healing over time. Found out in server it instead increases health from health packs. Please and thanks.
  2. The voice chat was a little overwhelmed at the time with many people trying to speak at once, unfortunately. If I'd had heard it, I can guarantee I would have gotten off those vents pretty quick. I rather enjoy the server and the company it keeps. The text chat, on the other hand, I probably would have seen if I'd given it more attention, though it was going a little fast due to the number of people on the server at the time. As for the sm_csay, that one I didn't get at all. Either it wasn't used, or it was used while Celestia's rage was going off, and white on white is a bit difficult to see. The text chat part was of course my own fault, that I admit to. And considering that in the few days I've played, I ended up witnessing that stupid 'spectator damage' exploit three times, I can see why you'd rather use a ban over a quick kick. Not a fan of it, but, as I've said before, rules are rules after all. So, thank you for taking the time to respond to this and my opinions. Honestly, if I find I have a decent amount of spare funds, I may donate to a server for the first time. Glad to find a place with actually active admin that are also fair.
  3. I shall do my best to pay better attention to the chat, and hopefully if someone tries voice, it's not while several others are talking. I'll probably start turning the boss music off though. I like the music, but it's surprisingly higher volume than I'm used to for boss music. Those two combined would make it difficult to hear a warning. Heck, I can barely understand anyone half the time as it is. But now that I know about that location, won't be going there anymore. Hopefully there aren't any others I'm used to that are like that. But again, I'll pay better attention to the chat just in case. Thank you, and see you in game!
  4. Now, I'm not going to protest my ban, because in all fairness, the admin are doing their job, and as often said, at their discretion. My problem is in how it was handled. I can understand that I was apparently warned in chat three times. But in the middle of a game, and when the chat is moving very fast from the large number of people in the game, that can sometimes be easily missed. And as for verbal/voice, well, that can be missed too in the middle of many people trying to all talk at once, and also the relatively loud boss music. But instead of kicking me, with a warning, I was instantly banned, with the notation that I had been using an exploit. I haven't been on the Vs. Ponyville server for more than just a couple days, and already I'm banned without a kick warning? Talk about sudden shock, especially since I've never been banned from a server before. Now, I was told by the banning admin that I had been warned in chat three times. Ok, understandable. But I never saw them. Voice? Never heard it over all the other people trying to talk over one another. So that deserves an instant ban? Whatever happened to a kick with a 'do it again and you're banned'? I'm just asking that, for future consideration, that a kick be used before a ban is enforced, as sometimes, things are just too busy in the game to see or hear the warnings. Edit: The 'exploit' in question was me getting onto a vent that was actually easy for an engi, scout, soldier, or demoman to get on to, but you have to remain crouched. Not sure how it is considered an exploit, but I'm not going to argue that point as rules are rules. So please, don't try to say 'oh you were exploiting, no excuse'. What is considered an exploit can change server to server, and I'm used to it not being considered so in other places I've played. Again, not arguing the rule, not arguing the decision of the admin, just how it was handled.