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  1. Thanks for all the messages guys, but don't worry it was not me who was banned just someone who used my name as they were, your worry is appreciated though :)

  2. Username: Green SteamID: <STEAM_0:1:87069501> Steam Profile: Ponyville Server: EU Transgression: Griefing/Trolling,Spamming Evidence: Said player came onto the EU server and started using binds to annoy other players while mic spamming (don't have a video apologies). He also went to annoy some of the other players by asking offensive things in general, he then left after hearing an admin was coming on and that was the end of it.
  3. Hello guys, there seems to be a small problem with the super jumping (not tested it with a teleport boss) on the EU server it says there's a 9000 second wait to use it making playing as the hale incredibly hard to reach high up players. Sorry for the post I have just realized that playing as a teleport boss fixes this issue.
  4. Hello guys I know a few of you already know me since I have been playing on these severs for a long while so I thought I'd finally say hello to everyone! Although I'm not a brony I have always enjoyed my time playing on these servers which is why I always support it when I can you guys make everyone feel awesome so thanks guys. just in case you don't know me since I have been off for a little while, I'm a crazy Scotsman who's always up for a good laugh :)