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  1. Username: Dannycare SteamID: STEAM_0:1:154266853 Steam Profile: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198268799435 Ponyville Server: Ponyville.net (US) VSP Funbox - Transgression: Being extremely disrespectful and rude to others Two days ago (August 20th) I met one of the most immature and unpleasant players I've ever seen on VSP. I only played 3 maps with Dannycare online, but on every one he was frequently rude to other players over the microphone. All he really offers are lots of insults, whining, and excessive swearing. He's unpleasant, vulgar, immature, and I don't think this nasty little boy should be around anymore. I was recording at the time, and I've made some highlights! My recording software was being mean so there's some bad freezing at the 20 second mark for about 8 seconds, so I apologize for that. At the 6:55 mark, the video does get rather loud: There were lots of loud, excitable people all wanting to talk on the microphone at once, so be mindful of your volume. I really couldn't take anymore after that last map. Way too much immaturity.
  2. Why do people keep posting threads in the Introductions and Announcements section? Those can't even be replied to. It's so dumb.

    1. Zeke Aileron™

      Zeke Aileron™

      I don't know why.. ._.

    2. ๖ۣۜPinkamena


      Moved to Versus Ponyville

  3. A beautiful video on a wonderful map! Also immortal bears :<
  4. From what I can tell, it has something to do with Pinkie Pie minions and the end of the round. That's when it happened to me, and someone else I talked to. But it was over a year ago, so I don't know if it's still possible. It's super rare :c
  5. Is that you, Skilljack? I was a medisoldier once. It was fun while it lasted.
  6. 1. Enforcer spy. 2. Spies. The invisiwatch is useless, and the dead ringer is easily defeated. 3. Demomen. The loose cannon's slowdown effect is disgusting. Other than that, demoknights can relatively easily do a lot of damage. Even more easily if they're using a pony model. 4. I think that spy hales are overpowered. Their melees are superior to other melees in every way. Most other hales are fine. 5. Rage. 6. Before valve killed the enforcer, 2400+ every round if the hale has an accurate hit box. 7. Around 800. 8. I've been playing VSP since June 2013. 9. I'd say I'm easily a 6.9. 10. Sometimes crossbow medic, and KGB heavy if it's not against a spy hale and if I don't immediately get critted.
  7. names

    "The Doge"
  8. Spooky Viynl cosplay :<! Also wow, that mirror is so dirty in that first one. I should probably wash it
  9. The phlogistinator is pretty much trash as it is, and I see nothing wrong with allowing phlog users to be healed. I personally don't see why anyone would even hate it right now. The only time it's effective is if the hale doesn't understand how the phlog works. It's totally useless against anyone who isn't a sillyface: Just stand in front of the taunting phlog pyro, wait for him to finish activating his mmmph, and then smack him once. Maybe even twice! Dead. No more phlog. Allowing phlogistinator pyros to be healed would potentially make the weapon useful again, as a medic could then save the silly pyro after he's activated his taunt. Now why is that a bad thing? It's really silly to totally prevent someone from being helped by a medic just because they're drastically more effective and dangerous with uber. In that vein of thought for balancing, maybe miniguns should block healing, too. And the stock rocket launcher! Those are both much more effective with uber, and miniguns especially can do thousands of damage in one uber. Blocking healing on anything that's better with uber is ridiculous. That's not a good direction to go on balancing things, and it never really should have happened to the phlog(Or the widowmaker). Hales having difficulty dealing with phlog/medic combos is really more of a personal issue for the hale being unable to kill the medic rather than a serious balance issue with the weapon. The phlog is total trash on its own, and currently, like a lot of less-used weapons on the server, it's bad and has no point anymore. Removing the healing block attribute would alleviate that.
  10. On the VSP servers, you gain 10 queue points every time a round ends when either: You do at least 50 damage to the hale, or the hale dies. You do not have to be a donator to be able to play as the boss. If you die without at least 50 damage and the hale wins the round, you'll get -10 queue points. if something like that keeps happening, it'd prevent you from becoming the hale. And as for your item issues, you had simply lost connection to the item server. Or possibly, the server had temporarily lost connection to the item server. Either way, that issue will just resolve itself with time. If it persists, you might try restarting TF2.
  11. The beach map is bad and should be removed from the map rotation. First off, the map has a lot of bad geometry. There are lots of hills, and slopes, making movement for non-super jump hales difficult. It's only further made difficult by the fact that some areas that look like they're passable, cannot, in fact, be passed. I'm not sure if I'm explaining what I mean very well, but basically, there are some areas that you'll just hang on when trying to move on. Secondly, the map is terribly bright and hard to look at. If you're not playing in DirectX 8, the map is crazy bright, especially the sky. It's very difficult to see super-jumping hales due to the brightness. Third, and perhaps least fun of all, the map promotes stalling. All those previously mentioned slopes and hills allow Persian persuader demoknights to charge around the map, fly around, and just avoid the hale. This happens literally every time this map is played. Maybe not every single round, but a lot of them. That's not fun to watch. It's stalling, it's a waste of time, and it's against the rules because it's stalling. I think it'd be a bit silly to ban everyone who's ever done it on this map, as the map itself promotes stalling, so it'd really be best if it were just removed entirely. Here's a small glimpse of what happens on this map every time a Persian persuader demoknight is last alive. And there probably will be one.
  12. I'm tired of eating. Three or more times a day, every day, for all my life.

    I'd rather not. But I'll get sick and die if I don't. :'c

    1. Tuil5


      Im Eating Like 4 times per day but its still not enough ;~;

  13. Today at work I saw a teenage guy with his mom. He was wearing a pinstripe coat and a... Fedora. Many giggles were had :3

    1. Aurotzel


      Did his mom have a fedora? Or was she really unstylish? D:

    2. Karlamena


      Nah, his mom was like, normal. But this young man's style and charm was unmistakable.

      *Tip tip tip tip tip*


  14. It's hard being the worsy :'c