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  1. I'm thinking that the multi-boss battles should have make the rages dependent on teamwork. Like with Tavi/Vinyl, both of their rages should be that it boosts the strength and/or speed of the other. Like if Tavi rages Vinyl gets a speed boost. And with Big Mac/Cheerilee should have a special rage where it stuns players for an extra-long time, but it can only be activated if both have a full rage meter. On another note, the boss music is getting a bit repetitive. I have a few suggestions: Trixie: Octavia/Vinyl Scratch: Applejack: Lyra: Pinkie Pie: Discord: CMC: Twilight Sparkle: etc...There's a whole bunch I could suggest but I'm lazy.
  2. I know a site where brony music plays 24/7. And some of these should be added to the player for each boss, starting to get bored with these.