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  1. Galli, Don't you dare steal my gimmick of being rich >:/
  2. Need an Humanized Octavia Sporting A Beret Aiming Her Dragon Lore

  3. 0.016 Dragon Lore ;o;

  4. TF2 is just a barren cow that Valve is desperately trying to milk, its only a matter of time before they try n' milk my poor CSGO.
  5. That Small Drama, most entertaining thing in TF2.

  6. Master of Keys But Not Unlocking

  7. Fallout > Elder Scrolls.
  8. #Choco4Mod

    1. Aurotzel


      #Choco4Banned :3

    2. Tavia


      Don't talk back to the upper-class

  9. Hey, you're the only person on right now I guess, hi?

  10. Hey, you're the only person on right now I guess, hi?

  11. I vote myself obviously, the most logical choice. +10546 Vote Power. Though for whatever reason/tragedy I cannot become a mod, my replacement(s) should be Col and the Taoru guy.
  12. Deaf in my left ear atm. Go ahead ask how.

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    2. Karlamena
    3. Aurotzel
    4. Tavia


      Ex-GF was slapping me and hit my ear, it didn't hurt, I just couldnt hear.....

  13. PAINTED COWMANGLER -BALACLAVAS- D-Do I get it? I have the chance...

  14. Col = Reported

    1. Aurotzel
    2. Karlamena


      Silly Colgate. You know knives are illegal!

  15. I !! AM NOT!!! A NUGGET!!!!!

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    2. Aurotzel


      WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH. Woooooooooooooooooooooooooh. wooo

    3. The_Mr_Kumar


      So what about Owen Hart?

    4. Tavia


      Just reliving the funniest moment.