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  1. Hmm, let's see. A favorite book may be difficult. Watership Down, 1984, Redwall, and Lord of the Flies come to mind at the moment. Recently I picked up the Song of Ice and Fire series a month or two ago since some friends of mind were raving about the HBO series A Game of Thrones . Read the first book, watched the first season, then the second (Clash of Kings) and now halfway through Storm of Swords. The books are fantastic, characters are well developed, and the world is amazing. I haven't been this excited and intrigued in a book in quite a long time.
  2. Favorite band: Modest Mouse. But in all seriousness, I've known this band for sometime, but I've been listening to "Band of Horses". An indie(heh) kinda folk rock-ish band with acoustics, slight electric guitar distortions, and an overall floaty kind of feeling in the album "Everything All the Time". Also I recently got my boyfriend into Vampire Weekend, good stuff there too. But ugh, I have such a varied taste in music, and playing piano and vocals for different local indie rock bands and more formal recitals, events, etc.
  3. It's nice to see you're not all horrible hambeasts and failures of human beings. I suppose I'm so jaded from seeing furries and the occasional Something Awful goon IRL pic But then again, sometimes it's best left a mystery on who's on the other side of my computer screen. I like to think in the back of my mind I'm actually playing with ponies :3 Oh what silly fantasy I dwell in.
  4. This is a pretty terrible idea. I love CTF matches as much as the next pony, but most of them tend to be turtlefests, sniper battles, and especially confusing for newer players. I know 2fort is iconic, but if I had to pick one ctf map it's turbine. Good mix of big, medium, and small areas where every class can do well in. Seems most CTF games I play, nobody works together ergo getting no captures which makes CTF into a messy team deathmatch. But you and quite a few others aren't derpy (hah) and stupid and actually play the game well, so I hope I'm wrong.
  5. Pfft, I won't deny the fact you're attractive, but you shouldn't be claiming that title so quickly, sir~
  6. I didn't beat Dragon Age, but I got through a good majority of the game. The game looked great, the characters were pretty awesome (I'm like straight for Morrigan <3), and the combat was generally satisfying. Though, Baldur's Gate 2 still holds the throne in my Western RPG favorite. The story, characters, plot, etc. Just seemed so much better. Though, the Infinity engine and 2nd AD&D rules were cumbersome, but everything else was fantastic. EDIT: another Bioware game that's a western RPG is Planescape Torment. Awesome characters, interesting story, but combat feels like an afterthought. I hope you like reading if you get into this.
  7. I usually try to make an effort to even teams and make matches as even as possible. It's no fun to win nor lose by a wide margin. If I'm doing very well, top of the team and steamrolling the other team, it's not uncommon that I'll switch over. I'm sorry you feel this way Derpy, but there are a bunch of folks here in ponyville that share your same sentiment regarding this issue. But regardless, if you're going to leave, it's been swell. See ya'.
  8. Sure, I enjoy being an attention whore. I -just- took this picture... currently working a 24 hour on call shift, so here's me in all my medic glory :-\ And, here's one of me as a bumble bee! A quick thrown together costume for last Halloween when I went to a gay bar in Pittsburgh. And, my Fur Affinity and Facebook pic. /attentionwhore
  9. Clerks, SLC Punk!, The Lion King, Requiem for a Dream, National Lampoons Christmas Vacation. Eh, not a big movie fan here. *shrugs*
  10. I love Warband and was excited for Fire and Sword and bought it when it came out. I was unfortunately dissapointes by the game... which was a shame since I really wanted to like it. The gunpowder weapons are fun, but F&S is basically a mod you pay for of the original Mount & Blade. I found it awfully glitchy, a lot of features missing (politics, tactics, making your own kingdom, etc. ). I love the setting/time period, but Warband with the right mods (I've used Floris Complete) makes it a fantastic game.
  11. Richard Simmons. Yes, the fitness guru from the 70s-2000's Probably one of the most flamboyant celebrities out there. He's awesome. He is an inspiration to a lot of people struggling with poor health, obesity, and even depression. His upbeat, cheerful, and motivational attitude has helped many get into exercising and maintaining their health. Granted, his workouts are geared towards low end-middle range fitness levels (Insanity's Shaun T is my new Richard Simmons), he provides a good, low impact cardiovascular oriented workout regimen. With the help of him, DDR, and the military, my body improved greatly. Not to mention, he's just plain -fun- Though, I remember a few months ago I was waiting with a patient of mine in an ER room, Ellen Degeneris was on TV with Richard Simmons and he was practically breaking down and crying since he was getting so old and everything was just harder for him (being geriatric does that). But, instead of admitting defeat... He still goes at it. It was pretty sad to witness that :-/
  12. Eh, I've been really digging you guys here in Ponyville and being a recent fan of the show, this place seems like a nice niche to associate with. So, let's get this train wreck a'rolling: I'm Edward Lapine. 23 year old male. I started TF2 shortly after it came on the Xbox 360 (no good gaming PC when I was stationed in Fort Sam Houston). I'm primarily a Medic (fairly aggressive one at that, especially with the ubersaw), Heavy, And Soldier. I consider myself fairly decent and a teamplayer (TF2 is serious business after all). At the moment, TF2 is what I've been playing to scratch my gaming itch. Personal Life? I work as a Critical Care Paramedic (CC-NREMT-P) for 2 24 hour shifts each week. I plan to eventually go into medical school or maybe PA school within a year or two. I love my job, it hardly feels like work... And only working two days a week is swell. I live with my boyfriend in a nice 2 bedroom apartment. I suppose I consider myself a furry (brown cottontail rabbit) and I occasionally fursuit, attend meets and Anthrocon. I'm big into music and making music... I play piano mainly and a few other instruments. I bought a Roland Gaia SH-01 synthesizer a month ago and I love it. I was a combat medic/68W in the US Army, I'm into exercising/working out and I'm a bit of a computer/tech geek. So yeah, life is swell for me right now albeit dull (when not working). You guys in Ponyville have all been pretty cool with me so far and I hope all goes well between us.