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  1. I would like to join your fan club

  2. hear me ringing, big bell tolls
    hear me singing, soft and low

  3. I'm back and drug free this time

  4. I know you how you feel... Two years ago, back when I was still a hater, there was a guy in my english class who was one of those kinds of people. Once a week, he wore his Fluttershy fan shirt; his binder was covered in pictures of Fluttershy; he had a Fluttershy doll on a keychain on his backpack. One time, he even came to school with Fluttershy's cutie mark painted on his cheek. His worst moment though, was when our teacher was putting together a motivational playlist of youtube movies to see us off (we were seniors), and that little bastard convinced him to put a PMV in there... While you still shouldn't be ashamed to be a brony, you're not helping anyone by shoving your fandom down everyone's throats. If anything, you're just cementing the stereotype that the fandom is obnoxious and cancerous. The same goes for everything else, regardless of what it is. oddly, I find that most people honestly don't care much about so-called "shoving," they just ignore it. it's only the people who are ashamed of something that make a big deal about others being "obnoxious and cancerous" woodle's post is a strawman argument. there's a bit of a difference when something changes from "just a show" to become a community or even a sub-culture, at which point I ask why is it ridiculous to think that a community/culture could be part of one's identity? they adopt it as a "lifestyle" (whatever that means) because they form a community with each other, not because they just coincidentally turn on the TV to watch it every week. still, funny how he brings up gays and transgenders as an argument when kids have also been bullied to the point of suicide for liking cartoon ponies....
  5. this guy has a pretty good explanation of the whole situation
  6. Dusk does some great metal covers of the show's songs. and videogame songs too. https://www.youtube.com/user/ItStartsAtDusK/
  7. don't ask the internet on questions of sanity. (for that matter, ignore woodle. friends aren't much more credible than the internet) just relax. talk to someone with training who can help you figure this out, like a psychologist.
  8. ponyville's 15 minutes of fame! that's kinda cool
  9. joining server confirmed as punishable offense?
  10. I like Muesli with dates but without raisins. so every breakfast is like performing surgery to make it right

  11. Well, I've posted to soundcloud asking about it. It -used- to have a download link, but it's no longer there. I'd assume it's fine because it is licensed under Creative Commons, but it's your call. usually, but not always, it means that it reached the download limit and the artist doesn't have a premium account. happens quite a lot with fandom music. in this case it seems very likely, since this artist's other songs all have soundcloud dl links, but this one is his most popular.
  12. It's all my fault, sorry. I didn't believe in you guys hard enough, and it hindered everything. It's the only explanation.
  13. oh you gotta use Dare To Be Stupid as his theme song
  14. so how's that vanilla TF2 community revival going? oh the California server has sure been busy lately. lots of activity. excellent work, everypony. just face reality, you abandoned the clubhouse and squatters took over. every vanilla server I've added to my favorites list over the years is now perpetually 0/24. the nostalgic old times aint coming back.
  15. sorry, next time I'll type slowly, so even you can understand