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  1. Nothing bad happen today, just stubbed my big toe on the door, Then 5 seconds later on the sofa. Yeah, its been a good day...

    1. Rokon2


      And later on today you will magically step on a lego.

  2. So it has seem that Cream Gravy is a thing on the funbox server. (Know that I was one of the many that started it) So lets make this a game, Take any movie/song/Tv-series/etc you want and replace one word with cream gravy! If you want some examples here are some ~"Cream Gravy-Apply directly to the forehead!" ~"The fast and the Gravy" ~"Pacific Cream" Now its you're turn! Let Cream Gravy flow in you're mind and make unspeakable things!
  3. Something is happening with the Dallas,Texas #1 server, Ever map change just crashes the server. (Or so it seem's)