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  1. Click me if you want to play VSP again!

  2. For those that might be interested… Some fans are working on a reborn vsp. Though it's in beta still, it's already fairly close to the original.

    Link if interested: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/VersusPonyvilleReborn

  3. Obligatory new season hype...

    Season 6 tomorrow!

  4. Just to be clear, what did you try to do? Did you try to make yourself look like Woona, or was it just for a Woona-hale? And was this on the VSP-server, or another one?
  5. 1. Medic 2. Eh... the most underpowered (which doesn't mean that they can't be a threat if played right :/) is scout in general, especially those that treat their force-a-nature as a sniper rifle. 3. Engineer 4. ... aren't hales supposed to be overpowered? Anyway, if you're asking that even "bad" players can win a hale round against experienced mercs, then yes, most hales are overpowered because, like Col said, ragespam. 5. Lag, definitly. (That is, mine.) 6. Are you asking how much damage against the hale, or with the hale? Against, depends on how well my pockets do, but around 1-2k. With... ehrm, never noticed. 7. 500 8. 2 years, I suppose. 9. 6-8... it really depends on my pockets, or if the hale isn't laggy enough that I can hit my needles. 10. Sniper and Minigun-Heavy.
  6. So, we should just post music games? If so, Cytus (like you said) and Deemo, both by Rayark games, are definitely recommended.
  7. names

    ...ehrm, does it need to be a pony name? I named mine "scout-stomper deluxe", but you could also go with something like "get over here!"...
  8. Not so used to starting forum games, but... this one has been spooking through my mind for a while. We all know that VSP is this... pretty silly (and awesome) mod from freak fortress 2, meant as a gamemode for bronies (and anti-bronies) to shoot at (oversized?) characters way more powerful than they have ever been shown (bronies meet fellow bronies, anti-bronies... can shoot ponies :/). But, image if... VSP is actually a canon event, either in the tf2 or mlp-verse (or both)... how would VSP actually have come to exist? What... outlandish situation could have led to ponies fighting the mercs, and the mercs fighting ponies? That, is what all this forum game (hopefully) is about. So, the goal is to write a possible story of how VSP could have come to be. Not definitive (that would be kinda arrogant, unless Raini or Simple write/support it, I suppose) but possible, since... this is just a game after all. Few, ehrm, rules: -You can start in either the TF2 or the MLP-verse. (or break the fourth wall, if you're confident enough) -Any story you come up with should eventually lead to our silly VSP gamemode. -Try to be original. Using certain things from previous posts is fine, but there must be something different. -The crazier, the better! ... as long as it makes perfect sense, of course, in the predefined settings of your story. Meaning, your story should be believable, fantastical sure, but not trolllogic-insane fantastical. -Any genre, if they don't break the site rules, is fine... expect trolly ones. Okay, with that all out of the way... may be the best story win get the most likes be the best story!
  9. Dear Mvm,

    While having easy rounds in Mann Up is always fun...

    Do not connect me to a server after the mission is already completed, and using up my ticket and giving me loot in the process.

    I swear, mvm matchmaking is so derpy sometimes.

    1. Aurotzel


      Think I've only had this happen to me once. Irritating nonetheless.

  10. There's the normal 0-99 ping-range, there's the somewhat questionable 100-200 ping-range...

    And then there's the "I whack you from beyond the combined range of 5 disciplinary actions" 800 ping-range.

    Sure, it was an RD-hale, and we had medics and KGB's so we won, but stil... getting hit from 10 feet is scary as fuck.

    1. Karlamena
    2. Tuil5


      Well 400 Ping is Enought to have that kind of stuff,I got Instantly killed by Pinkamena What hitted the wall..

  11. Not really about a specific hale, but more duo and triple hales in general... If a partner suicides/is moved by the afk-manager within the first 10-20 seconds of the round or so, is it possible to add their health to the partner that didn't suicide/is afk (or partners if CMC)? This is... pretty much just me, being pissed that my partner suicided within the first five seconds of the round, after which I practically had no chance to win (and did lose).
  12. Maybe kinda weird one... Boss: Octavia Movement: Superjump Weapon: Melee, Righteous Bison during rage. Rage: Slows time (like duoboss Octavia, but not as much), stuns sentries, equips Righteous Bison; Increased movement speed when equipped (but still so that she too moves slower during rages), shoots a number of projectiles with increased ramp-up damage (and huge building damage) as well as having fall-off damage, penetrates players but not buildings, and (ff it's possible) hitbox projectiles increases over distance. (Also if possible) This bison appears as a cello to all players, has an increased magazine (6-7 shots?) and can not be reloaded, but can be kept and used after the rage ends if it isn't empty. Subsequent rages only fill the magazine back up. Explanation: So, basically, this is my idea for Octavia; A hale that, much like the duohale, slows time, but instead of going all matrix-like uses a bison to deal ranged damage, explaining it as Octavia using the soundwaves of her Cello to damage players and buildings. These soundwaves would be tight and highly damaging at close range (with increased damage to buildings, explaining it as affecting the software), but spread out and deal less damage the further it travels (kinda like real-life soundwaves... expect for the damage part). Also, Octavia herself is sped up during the rage to make up for the slowed game. To kinda balance this (since players are slow as turtles while Octavia moves faster, but not as much as she would if time isn't slowed), she can only use the bison to deal damage. Is it op? Depends... while I say things like massive damage and such, I'm only thinking about each shot doing a maximum of 60-70 damage a shot at point blank range, steadily decreasing over 10 or so feet, taking quite a few shots to kill the tankier/overhealed classes. While the penetrating shots can be devastating to tight groups... well, this is vsp, don't clump together. Also, buildings and map can block shots, so use them as cover. Edit: Or a pomson works too, derp.
  13. First australium, yay.

    (Wonder if you always get one on your second 2 cities tour, heard similar stories from other people)

    1. Aurotzel


      Took me until 15, and haven't had a second one 100+ tours later :c. What is it, if I may ask?

    2. Koekelbag


      Australium tomislav :D

      I'm more of a stock minigun-heavy myself, but I'm still happy.

  14. That moment when you complete a contract within 15 seconds after starting it.

    (Dead ringer contract, bonus for blocking damage/surviving hits that would have killed you... joined red on last point of Snowycoast, got blasted by solly into ufo with activated dead ringer, instantly got 130 bonus contract points)



    1. Aurotzel


      Contracts are silly. I got 6 contracts today. 6 OF THEM. It took a while.

    2. Aurotzel


      Nvm, I got 2 more.... 8 contracts in one day, I don't understand how the system works anymore.

    3. Aurotzel


      10 :D. Sorry for all the spam, I just find it really funny how dumb the contract system is.

  15. Everything's so new, so fast, and... not connected to steam?

    1. Aurotzel


      Lotta stuff isn't here like it was before it seems. Pretty sure lot of it is still being worked on, just gotta wait. Pretty bland right now. BUT ITS FAST SO YAY.

    2. Koekelbag


      Eh, I used to have to wait a few seconds before a new page loaded, so it's nice to be able to load pages with almost no delay now.

      Also, italics! Don't know if we could do that before in status updates, but I do know now, yay.