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Hiya, who or whatever you may be, welcome to... this barren place of a profile page. I mean, look how deserted it is here, why are you even here? Even the friend-thingy is empty ;_;

Anyhow, the name's Koekelbag. If you don't want to utterly destroy my ears everytime you try to say my name, it's pronounced "Cook-El-bach"... or just call me Cookie, that also works. (it's a terrible pun that only works in dutch... well, it's not even a pun. It's... just the dutch "koek" translated to english, "cookie"... in case you were wondering.)

I'm a changeling of [REDACTED] age, [REDACTED] gender and living in [REDACTED]. (Edit1: What the... oh, for the love of the Narrator, Celestia could have at least told me that working for the [DATA EXPUNGED] forbids me from telling me this stuff, those bloody [Redacted]) (Edit2: Oh screw it.)

I'm a giant (just not tall enough to bump every door I walk through), am apparently very intelligent (or so people insist on telling me) (no, not smart, there's a difference), very much a loner, discovered mlp through R34 (and not ashamed for it... what, don't give me that look D:) and like reading (Read the stuff from this writer, go on, it's good) and playing (the sole reason I'm here is due to typing "pony" in the tf2 searchbar, and seeing a server called "vsp-versus ponyville" or something like that).

Been playing Tf2 since it came out in the Orange box (yes, I remember when there were no hats *le gasp*), and am overall a pretty calm and nice person to play with (or so I like to think... right? Right?)