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  1. @Scootz First off, your aggressive tone is uncalled for, also the hurtful language was very childish. No, i did not ruin EVERYONES gaming experience with my harassment, if people were making posts about wanting me unbanned and still being my friend after those dark times. I dont understand why you must still hate on me and try and lock my apology threads asap. I dont know why you think i would go through so much trouble to get unbanned, just to be a nuisance again. Try forgiving and forgetting Scootz, remember, you were once a friend that was there for me, like i was for many of the players of the community and still am. Also, from memory, i dont recall Simple saying those exact words, it was only my 4th ban and unless you have a great reason to keep hating me, keep your opinions to yourself if you have already commented on my other topics. I know im the last person you'd want to see on the server but dont forget, people forgave you for your irresponsible behavior. @Tavia I've seen bans for players that have abused female players have been lifted after some time with flying colours. Unfortunately, somehow people still think im the same guy i was nearly 10 months ago, and dont think people can change. @Holy Bird Pope I appreciate your response, however i notice that you've only based your image of me of experience other players have had with me. Not saying you need to know me personally, but judging a book by its cover and by reviews dosnt always necessarily mean its bad. Yes, i have stuffed up badly in the past, but so have other players, some with 4 bans like me, to even have them lifted and unbanned. When i got my mod, it only seemed to be a majority of players during a timezone that didnt like it, while the other timezone, i was greatly awarded for achieving the rank. Overall, i do thank the appropriate response from Holy Bird Pope being the only staff member to respond (also Video has a good point) as of this moment, however i would personally like to hear more from the higher powers (Rainicorn and Simplicious) instead of the community. It's appreciated, but not needed. Thank you.
  2. Username: Vinylbat Scratch Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:41559205 Ponyville Server: Dallas Texas #1 (i think, it's been some time sorry) Transgression: Harassing comments and starting drama Hi, i went to create an appeal on the bans.ponyville.net website, and it said that my ID already had an appeal pending. I'm sure that means my old appeal hadn't been reviewed even if the page states "within 24 hour reply" when it was created some time ago? Anyways, ill just copy and paste what i put there into here. Hopefully no issues with that. Hello, i was banned on 11-13-14 19:31 for harassing comments and creating drama. At the time my username was Vinylbat Scratch. Some time has passed now and it would be appreciated if to whoever this may concern, to look over my ban appeal. I would like to prove to the staff members of Ponyville.net that i will follow the rules and wont be a nuisance to the community. It would be greatly appreciated if you could take your time into this appeal and i would welcome a reply email. Thank you. Could admins please email a reply to pickle00106@hotmail.com.au And please, dont send spam if you aren't a staff member. Cheers.
  3. VSP, an amazing server, however unfortunately losing popularity as the most common players are leaving it. However, i noticed that time and time again, whenever i want to include my opinion onto the forums, i always get turned away. People especially Zari and Scootz, never forgive nor forget. Not long ago Scootz was crowned a very unpopular player until he apologized. Because of this, he was praised and forgiven for. However, when i try and make my first actual apology, i get shot down by the same two people and never get a fair chance. Yes, you can say that i dont deserve another chance, 4 strikes and your out. But, what about Flutterbat, he's been banned 4 times, and yet, still managed to get unbanned. There are countless of players that have also been unbanned from player harassment, id go ahead and show you some, but im too lazy to sift through 6 pages of ban topics. Scootz, mainly thinks im still an asshole and dont deserve reconciliation, was a great friend of mine that i did nothing but give him the truth and speak my mind about players. However, as it seems that many other players have noticed, his behaviour turned into something worse. Many players began to hate him, and even in server discussions were created, discussing about why people hate him, Down Under and i being the main ones to have taken the downfall. However, as i stated before, he apologized and everyone forgave him for it, why am i any different? Many, many players will say, "we gave you many chances, blah blah blah" however, it seems that its a majority of American players that think this. I mostly played when Americans slept, so less drama, and friendships were actually created. People from all over the world became to like me, even knew what i have done, and to my surprise, tried to make an appeal for me to become unbanned. That's people showing appreciation and dedication just to see Vinylbat again. Zari, being the second to hate me, i give her no reason to, but, no matter how many times i tried to fix what i broke with her, trying to make friendly conversation here and there, she turned it down and compiled it as abuse. In my eyes, Scootz has done the exact same thing to me, ive made posts, stating i dont want to hear Scootz opinions, and yet, he still had the ego to do so. To me, its abuse, that he blatantly ignore my wishes because he thinks he knows whats right, and yet, Zari managed to use what she had as an "excuse" to me abusing her. Though i can agree, some were, but most weren't. It has been what, 3-4 months now since my ban, and whose to say i havnt changed. Mindless posts on the forums does? Get real. Scootz and Zari dont know me anymore. You both think im still the same old Vinylbat, that abuses female players and does what he wants. Tell that to the female players i have on my friends list and gf who knows my past on this forum. As my final paragraph, i would like to once again, sincerely apologize to all those apart of VSP community that i have single handedly and disgustingly abused, mistreated and tormented. I only wish for my apologies to be accepted from the opposite party, and that maybe, and hopefully, that in the future, we can maybe once again, play together to defeat the evil anthropomorphic ponies. I do mean it, when i say i am sorry. I'm sorry to the players i out-wronged, im sorry to the server staff that had to put up with my bullshit, and im sorry to the community for having to of acted like that way in the first place. I am deadset, and i mean it when i say, if i fuck up, one more time, you can, undoubtedly, and without negotiation, permaban me, and completely ban me from the forums.
  4. Rokon, Kenpachi, uh, what ever you want to be called, i was on the server for about 8 months, was ranked in the top #50, was at one time one of the 'cool kids' of the VSP servers and even managed to get moderator position. It just started going downhill because apparently "female ab00se" when all i wanted to do half the time was just be friends with zari again, ive been banned because Scootz cant take the reality, and i only added my opinion in a server discussion ingame. Zari and Savvy are two female players that, one was at the time a b*tch who has changed to someone better, and Savvy who just wanted to destroy what i had left. Though anything i say on these forums just gets turned down and thrown back at me, even when i try to apologize and request an unban. It just comes to Scoots and Zari's intention to just say "nonononoon" "he'll ab00se again" "he's a fgt, he hasnt changed". That's what they say, but they dont know what ive done since i was banned.
  5. america is just as i expected. big

  6. So Scootz aplogizes and is forgiven and praised. I apologize and get rejected and turned down. Equality is Ponyvilles best feature
  7. Curiosity is not stupidity. You did what you thought was right at the time. It happens.
  8. Scootz, how in what way does "gid gud" overrule the fact that particles give away player positions?
  9. So after New Years, anything exciting happen on VSP?

    1. Aurotzel
    2. MegaTaconater


      I got oneraged for the first time of teh year... Sooo that was cool....I guesss

    3. Fuyu Robin

      Fuyu Robin

      Just Some Guy Shoving Cork Screws Down His Throat

  10. I apologize to Zari Puff, Fwuttershy and any other player i have wronged because i know what i did to them was outright disgusting and unacceptable. I promise to change how i act and prove to the players of the VSP servers that i am better than what i was. If i go ahead and abuse another player WITH sufficient evidence, then you can re-initiate the ban. All i ask is for a chance to redeem myself for the better of me, and those around me. Oh and Scootz, that's a friend of mine that has been with me for nearly a year now, he's also on the VSP servers from time to time, dont judge a book by its cover. Simple, if you wish to see the screenshots, i can add you and show you them their. My Steam account name is Piklz419
  11. How about, instead of getting replys from Scootz and Zari alone, how about you two, give room for others to reply, because so far, you two are the only two denying this ban. Simple hasnt given his final verdict and Scootz, why dont you do as your told and stay away from this post.
  12. It's clear people do not read into context and immediately think of themselves and create reasons as to why certain things shouldn't happen. 1. General Scootz, your 15 and your posts to most, if not nearly everyone's posts that are against yours are crude, unfunny memes or gifs. 2. Ever heard of change? When criminals go to gaol, and are released, are they not different people? No. They are the same person, but have a different personality. People are shaped around who they are around, not what they want. If you live in a abusive and poor background, your going to be abusive to others. If you grew up in a rich and snooty background, your gunna think your wealth is the most important thing. However, if something happens, that others dont like, and expect a change, why cant the suspect have a chance? All of you here, Zari and Scootz so far, believe that me, a HUMAN being, do not deserve a chance to redeem what i lost. You are both saying that evidence is the most powerful tool in this subject, and the only one that matters. IF you both do not believe in change, or a redemption, are you two any less human then i am? 3. Simple, i took at least 13 screenshots of Fwuttershy being annoying and a pest towards me, i showed them to Sifu, he simply ignored them as they weren't suffice enough to argue that what she did, deserved what i said to her. 4. What happened when i posted stuff on Zari's posts? They were considered abuse because i ignored her instructions. General Scootz, is doing the exact same thing, i explicitly state that i do not want Scootz commenting on my appeal, and what does he do? Thinks he's King TopShot and does it anyway. I find that abuse.
  13. Username: Piklz419 Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:41559205 Ponyville Server: Ponyville.net (Texas) - Versus Ponyville Ban Reason: Harassing comments and making drama. 3rd ban Reason why i say 3 bans instead of 4 was because my first was because of King Discharge. Nuff said. The chances of me getting unbanned are very, very slim. But i dont care. I'm here to see if i can get unbanned. All of my bans were because of female players. Why? Because they it their way. Zari was abusive, im abusive back, i get punished. Fwuttershy abuses me, i make a stupid comment, i get punished. Though i cant argue that i was in the wrong everytime. I no longer have any friends from the VSP server's except for Brony Down Under, so i dont have much to support on this. Ever since leaving VSP iv'e accetped to change. I joined another server group, and i currently am a mod their. I make SFM posters for the community and for a small price, and have a very small friends list. OH and i know its not my say so, but , GENERAL SCOOTS CANNOT REPLY TO THIS POST. I dont want his smartass remarks on my unban appeal. Though i never see him on the server, his replys to my posts tick me off. So, i dont even know if what i wrote was even worth reading, or worth anyones time. But uh, there you go.
  14. Then why start it off on the topic of halloween? Also, you have one of the tags set as *halloween Rekt.
  15. How about we ban King Discharge for false reports again, this is the second time i've seen him get someone banned for Discords rage.