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  1. I agree with most of those maps of the post col made but I would add like 3 more... well Imma probably gonna get some negative feedback for it, but would not mind arenagate, and crevice altered or removed and 2fortdesk removed. The pit on crevice is not that hard to deal with with a moderate amount of experience however even now it's quite obvious that people getting more goomba because of the pit than they deserve. Besides that there is a quite a huge open space on the map making it a glorified sniper map. Now I don't say the map should be a tunnel because that's like a reverse problem, But I simply don't find the map fun to play. It's not fun being pushed into the pit and then because how the jump pads work get double boosted and die to fall damage because of it. And I don't exactly find it fair against the hale either. Colgate told me there was a previous iteration of Arenagate that had no quad damage practically makes it nothing but a tunnel map and it was not that popular either. However having just that obviously just kind of meh. Having quad damage on a map that's the current damage times 4 simply breaks the already wonky balance of the game. I mean yes there is the "cannot be healed" downside of the item but you still can be crit boosted and ubered. Some classes does not even need that like a KGB heavy or a demoman with a primary weapon and a sword does a quite high damage output in only just a few registered hit. My suggestion would be to make the map a bit more spread out in ways you can go instead of one linear way that meets in the control point area and well.. getting rid of the quad damage is given. 2Fortdesk is another map I never really have fun with it's one of those tiny maps where if you let 3 engineers make a triangle with sentries, with some hales it's just impossible to get rid of it. However the map also contains a few things that can be abused by the hale. Because of the size it's pretty easy to knock players off the edge with some hales, the gold when falls down can be glitchy and deadly with Lauren's rage. I mostly mention these 3 maps because I feel like these three are one of the most abused ones. Because. Well you can abuse them for your own advantage. I guess it's kind of related-unrelated relation here but. There is two map mentioned on Col's list that would really be a shame if it would be gone so uuuh well it's not nice to do but I reverse engineered the BSP file and did made my iteration of West fix to fix some abuseable spots and spots and exploit with colgate. so as not nice as it is ifff for some reason minor or larger changes like these needed it could be done. Like sealing or make the abuseable spot on dunes be gone as well as sealing this hole on west fix.
  2. I'm actually against the idea I like the part where it says seasonal bosses. I don't like the fact it in the end just adds to the over 57% of content on the server you pay for. Don't get me wrong I don't mind a way to get the site and the server some money but yeah... locking away 57% of the bosses including duos and CMC, I don't mind small bonuses for Donors but: "A donation is a gift, not an exchange of value or consideration for services". Welp in the end not I'm the one who decide if this percentage of monthly donated priviledge will increase over time or not, am I? Also I'm not against donors it's just my opinion. (feel free to tell me how wrong I am)
  3. What the others said above. I agree, and I hope there will be a solution. Now I would like to return to my history studies. BTW ^those are serious but I really would rather not spend time with the details.