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  1. I just wanted to post since I've disappeared for 7 months. I know there's a lot of drama that happened in my absence and I really just want to say...I'm not the least bit involved or interested with that. I've been in enough communities as a volunteer (3 MORPG's from the late 90's and early 00's) to know that a community without drama is a dead community. That said, I'm too old for that shit, so I choose neutrality. :P So what have I been doing? Well I had two goals...get my life back on track, and work on my various indie concepts. The former, I'm just going to be honest, I've done next to nothing to accomplish, heh. I've spent most of my time on indie concepts...when not addicted to games. I began working on yet another 2+ year concept. Back to the framework, because I'm stubborn, oldschool, and unwilling to start on someone else's engine. Weeks, months go by coding framework...again. This is framework on top of framework I wrote in 2008 and 2013. No actual game to be seen for a long period of time really starts to get to you. I consider myself to be a vaporware queen based on how often I give up on projects due to scope and fears of it being too derivative. About 4 months into my absence, it came to a head...I NEEDED to make something with a shorter time frame. My 2+ year concept was to have danmaku (bullet hell) elements, but for my side project, I decided to combine certain interests of mine and make it a full blown arcade-style danmaku game...about the 2016 election... It's to have a bit of satire and a wide range of mechanics uncommon to arcade shooters (since I'm a programmer and all) but most importantly, its very subject matter forces me to keep the project within a reasonable scope. If I release it in December...too late! But that's also meant that I've been increasingly unable to devote time to anything else. Not that I would anyway...if I divided my coding efforts between VSP and my game, my efficiency would be like 30% on each. It's just how I am. So there it is. The fact of the matter is I still love this community and the only reason I haven't popped in sooner is because REMARKABLY, nothing(edit: under my control :P kralthe) seems to have broken in the last 7 months. Raini and Simple still have me on Steam, so they would've told me. I guess I can brag about how stable my code is. :P I really expected to have to pop in at least once by now for fixes. Just wanted to get that off my chest. Hope to be able to pop in eventually but for now, I'm in a deep crunch period...heh.
  2. What if the history array was increased, the one that prevents recently played maps from being chosen again? It's actually a cvar: sm_mapvote_exclude Defaults to 5. Raini or Simple sets it to 10 and instant increase of variety. That would definitely help with the freshness problem...wouldn't have crevice twice in a three hour span, that's for sure.
  3. More map variety is always something I've been an advocate of. That second zip of maps I posted still exists somewhere. Going below 30 minutes kind of troubles me...given the existence of an arena round and the fact a single round is expected to last up to 7 minutes, it's very possible that only 2-4 hale rounds could happen on a single map. Then like a minute of loading, another it really sucks for new players, especially on those with slow connections...having to continuously download new maps. Even on my 75mbps connection, downloading a new map pretty much dooms me to missing out on the first round often enough. I just don't see 20 working out well.
  4. Funny thing about that, TPP was around then too. Few news sources reported on it, but the few that did all agreed that TPP was worse than SOPA/PIPA. Heh, yep. It was being worked on for so long that said process itself likely bred apathy. But apparently it's near completion...who's to say the leaked version is all that accurate to the current version, but these things tend to be a nightmare to individual freedoms and consumer rights regardless.
  5. I'm going to admit right now that my legal knowledge is limited and I'm my motivation for posting this is really a "pass it on" sort of thing. I haven't had time to dissect this so I'm not going to even try to claim I'm anywhere near expert level on this topic. With those disclaimers in mind: TPP seems to be the consumer rights nightmare of 2015, akin to SOPA/PIPA years back. It will have a notable impact on the LP community, a major impact on the modding community (though probably won't affect this community much because Valve keeps good relations with modders) and a huge impact on the emulation/TAS/archival communities. The part about "cops being able to destroy your computer" is particularly disturbing. If that happened to me, it'd be like they cut off a part of my brain -- for all I have stored within. (and I'd assume my online backups would be taken care of as well, heh...would have to bury offline backups in the yard :P ) While TPP affects North America and the APAC region specifically, it has a sister bill called the TPIP which is the Atlantic equivalent. Gotta spread the word fast so public outcry kills this the way it killed SOPA.
  6. TPP, the SOPA/PIPA of 2015:

    1. Karlamena


      Sounds like it'd go really well with an act that makes adblock plug-ins illegal since they harm company's revenues.

  7. I used to maybe 15 years ago. You never lose the basic elements of agoraphobia even though you need to suppress it to actually live your life. It's just now that outside of necessary work, I live alone and my hobbies (both indoor and outdoor) are all things that can be enjoyed in solitude. Maybe this would be a good time to practice compartmentalization. Store clerks are easy because frankly, they have no bearing on your life and you have no bearing on theirs. Once you realize your mutual insignificance to each other, it'll be much easier for you to interact with them over time and with practice. I've actually been that bad before...though my method is different than yours. Rather than shy away on location, I would plan my trips in advance and my "shy" period would be the time at home where I was delaying actually going anywhere. Expand around this and you'll realize that most people you cross have as much interest in you as you have with them. With that much simplified, you can use any encounters you have outside (or with store clerks) as "practice" for the ones that matter, i.e. those which will lead to employment. BTW, sorry for letting this thread get so off-topic. As a forum mod I guess it reflects badly upon me, heh. I won't be offended if someone ends up moving this to Help and Advice or somewhere else.
  8. On the bright side, nothing in a case at most grocery or convenience stores is worth getting. Everyone judges, all the time. I'm not saying this to indicate paranoia or incite fear...few people truly do live in a bubbleverse where they truly forget the events of the previous day. They might not be able to recall it on command, but people will associate things once they see your face. It's much like the old adage says: You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Even online this extends to some degree. Being the hermit that I am, I'm more attuned to this kind of subconscious judging/storage behavior online. It comes in handy when I'm asked who is and isn't suitable for a mod position. I guess the reason I'm comfortable with this now versus when I was starting out adulthood: No matter what image you craft for yourself, no matter how flawlessly you pull it off, there will be many people who just write you off on appearance and/or a few short sentences. So long as you're not a lost cause, you'll find people who get along with you.
  9. It used to, but everyone is judging everyone, be it subconscious or actively. You just have to grow numb to that fact. Mine comes more from a "string of social failures" place. I've convinced myself that I can see the future and all the terrible ways that social connections have in the past (and thus will in the future) end, and so I keep everything on a business level.
  10. I can also relate to social anxiety, but in no way can I relate to the character. Mine comes from a different source, though...and it comes out as distancing and terseness rather than visible anxiousness. Oh, and I totally rewatched the episode after the CMC one. Definitely dodge of a bullet there...having something like that spoiled would've killed whatever buzz it managed to produce.
  11. As far as uber is concerned, I guess Valve messed with the length of Kritzkrieg and FF2 hardcoded the old length? Either way, this is outside of my domain to fix. As for Snowdrop...I've been aware for like a year. Just recently told Simple (while mentioning Emmy said the same) that it's a thing, though I'd mentioned it to either Raini or Simple before that I think. (or maybe I didn't, it was long ago) Reduction of particles is what I recommended. Either way, if I ever get to writing her RELOAD ability, I'll be sure to have the .cfg file have fewer particles.
  12. re: the Medic problem the MVM medic stats should only be during a Donut Steel round. Uber extension is from maybe 2011, using ordinary attributes. Could you explain this in more detail? re: the ammo problem, oh geez...did I somehow forget to check for energy weapons? I'll have to fix FNAP but also things like Fluttershy's rage as well. Thanks for pointing this out, will add to my TODO list.
  13. re: getting darker, totally possible. Because of all the politics problems surrounding this hale, I pretty much nerfed how much horror presentation went into it. I'll add support for it (as a flag or something) next time I do an update batch.
  14. I guess mathematically speaking, it'd be "less" in her early lives and "more" in her later lives. (i.e. RBD would take 5/8 the effective damage of AJ) That's why I preferred to call it "wonky". The cupcakes give a minumum of two buffs each. They are decided randomly, but include things like uber, knockback immune, crits, movement speed, and others. Probably best to only pick up one at a time if an enemy's nearby. I wonder if it's one of those DX8 things. A lot goes on between lives, but as graphics are concerned, there's model changes, weapon changes, and there may or may not be particles.
  15. This is a workaround due to technical limitations with Freak Fortress 2. We wanted to give the later forms more health than the early forms, but since this is impossible (within my scope of contribution), the later forms got damage reduction. However, I did do the math. In the end, the boss' health is exactly the same as other bosses when you factor in the damage reduction. (if you take it at face value, their health is lower) It gets a little wonky with backstabs and goombas because these punch through said damage reduction, but overall it's close enough. Twi's rage is the most directly powerful, doing a flat 165 damage, but it can be countered by overheals/quick uber as well as just positioning yourself behind a tree, half-behind a wall, behind a building if you're an engie, etc. It's the only direct killing mechanism that the entire boss has, and since most others have travel aids or support mechanisms, it had to be decent. The tandem aspects of each rage are very much intentional. In fact, we ordered the rages with this in mind. Rarity and Fluttershy are meant to set things up for the later forms, and AJ is meant to seem deceptively weak at first. (and there's a reason AJ's last, despite her ability being technically "support") She needs to be hit hard and fast, and I'm not really bothered by the scenario you mentioned. I do get that there's the possibility of a stalling hale, but all hales have that as a potential problem. BTW, if you're uber, you can't get another stack added to you by AJ's rage. It's worth keeping in mind for medics. A medic with a good sphee planning for that last form can do some serious damage. That said, existing stacks will not be cleared by uber.