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  1. <p> PC is a console, it plays games doesn't it? No. The fact that a computer can play games doesn't qualify it as a console. Under that classification my cellphone from the mid 90's is a console. Some PC's are, and some aren't, but in the general round up is that PC IS defined as a console. People buy PC's for different reasons, weather it be music making, word processing, or gaming, the fact that a PC can be specifically made for gaming makes it a console. the definition of a gaming console is "a computer that is specificall designed, and engineered for the running of video games." As much as I appreciate you paraphrasing Wikipedia to try and make a point, that's still not the same thing.Because -you- built -your- PC with the intent to game on it, does not make PC's gaming consoles. Heck it doesn't even make your PC a gaming console.But aside from going real offtopic, I know your probably gonna be the stubborn type so I'd just suggest dropping this all together.
  2. PC is a console, it plays games doesn't it? No. The fact that a computer can play games doesn't qualify it as a console. Under that classification my cellphone from the mid 90's is a console.
  3. Go get yourself a Corsair HS1a. It's a very nice headset that I've had some experience with in the past and delivers some real good sound. It was running around 90 bucks back when it came out but since then Corsair released a new one that's suppose to be a bit better, but as far as I know the new one only has a USB version. That of course means for you, price drops on the oldie(I saw one around 70 bucks listed online). Also keep in mind that you'd wanna get the HS1a and not the HS1. The regular HS1 is the USB Variant.
  4. Gotta give it to the PC because it's on the list, though I really wouldn't say it should be since it's not a console. If I were to choose between consoles I'd have to give it to the 360. Admittedly I'm not as big of a console guy as I was in the past but that system does a good job about continuing to expand its online platform and make online gaming/interaction the real deal. Though I'm sure alot of people would have differing opinions based on Exclusives. I do wish I had some Heavy Rain.. But by all rights it should be on PC.
  5. The previously mentioned Diddy Kong Racing was definatly in my god tier of racing games. Though it was a huge pain in the butt to 100% the game. Nowadays I don't do a whole lotta racing games, but I do really enjoy Dirt 2 alot. Maybe I'll get Dirt 3 one day, or the new one coming out here this year.
  6. I've always had an idea for an MMO that's kinda a cross-breed between a open space sim such as Freespace and when you were on a planet or docked at a space station the gameplay would shift to a more Mass Effect 1 kinda deal. I've actually got several pages of different mechanics, a few sketches, and such. Basically it's suppose to be my effective "Dream game" though that's all it ever will be since it seems space sim games are far and few in between and never backed by larger companies.
  7. Games themselves are by-the-by getting better. They are developing better stories and being much larger form of interactive entertainment. The problem is the companies that handle the games are going down in quality. Back along time ago you had games that were made by one guy or a small team that they put their heart into developing and the payoff was great when it came to playing. Nowadays the teams are all moderated by the larger companies(See: EA, Activision, and so forth) which view games for a purely business perspective. This can of course result in some just quick sequals where not much innovation has been made because the team wasn't given as much freedom in shaping their project because the larger company knows it'll sell. With them all trying to find new ways to stop Piracy that can be damning to the legit players,.their pushes to try and destroy the used game market, plus the end of the instruction manuals(Hey, its a BIG deal for me! :x). It can all get a little hazy since you use to just play the games and not deal with all the "Politics" behind it. Games themselves though, are still an ever-improving craft. Stand-out games such as the highly-praised Skyrim show that some people still bring the love.
  8. Simple enough. Berserk - Chainsaw is rubbish. Use katana. Which on a side note the Katana will stunlock the chainsaw guys if you melee them, so feel free to run up to'em. Even the enemies chainsaws are rubbish! Medic - Medic gun, cheap, effective(I advise single shot mode and poppin' headshots on zombies), and most importantly it can do a ranged heal! Use your alternate to shoot a healing charge via dart. If you can aim well you can easily take the chore of running up to people out and put medic on EZ mode. Soldier/assault or whatever its called - Once again I advise single shot with most assault rifles so as to not expend your ammo to quickly. Demolitions - Have fun leveling that up. Pyro - Shoot fire? Hadn't touched the game in about half a year, but this class really scaled poorly and was near worthless on the highest difficulties. There's been a few holiday updates, so I assume some patches as well so it might be viable now. Marksman - Get crossbow, waste enragers. Support - By support they apparently meant to say "Support with the best DPS in the game". If you level this up all the way get ready to enjoy steamrolling zombies. General - Regardless of your class, I applaud the use of Pipebombs. Those things hit like a goddamn truck! They'll easily nuke the enragers and in the last round your entire group can just clump up the remaining pipes and annihilate the boss dude. Oh I really should play this game again sometime. I really miss playing with my buddies and spending hours on the Resident Evil Adventure map.
  9. Only ever renamed one thing, from a name tag drop.
  10. I'm a sucker for the war of old including the Greek and Roman soldiers and usually try and base my character off of those. Typically a Hoplite with Shield and Spear(Or sword mostly since a lot of games don't allow spears, let alone in one hand) Nothings more satisfying then blocking someones arrows with your shield while charging them and shield-bashing them the @#$% off a cliff.
  11. That'll probably do you some real good. I'm currently rockin' the 965 3.4 ghz processor of that same brand and it seems to hold up pretty well for the most part. It's causing some choke on a one game, but I think that might be really the games fault itself. Actually got 2x6870 but my roomy has one and he can run alot of even the newest things on High with pretty darn good frames, considering it was from a budget line, I'm quite impressed how well it's -still- doing. Back on Skyrim, my buddy who uses just the one 6870 says aside from the intro sequence(Which lags for him appearantly) the rest of the game he can run ultra and get good frames. Also it's been awhile since I've used a mid-tower so if your not gonna do a Full-tower just make sure your case can fit it(Though these cards aren't actually as big as some prior ones I had). But it never hurts to be safe! Though I'd assume a bundle would account for that already.
  12. Well there was an article featured back in Maximum PC that had building a PC on the cheap. http://www.maximumpc...g_rig_under_700 It's actually a bit over 600, but if you have a valid Windows already you can knock a solid 99 bucks off of it. You could also cut out the Optical drive if you already have one you can use in your replacing computer. Yeah it's not gonna kick anything on Max, but since you don't mind it, it'll probably do well enough at playin' most games. Skyrim has surprisingly low system requirements last time I saw them, but you can double this back against it to see if it's enough. You'll be hurtin' for upgrades soon enough though. But for a 600 dollar build your probably gonna be on the lower end regardless of what you find. Personally I'd say just tough it out a tad bit more to get some extra dosh and get higher quality PC(If you got a job, 2012 is coming up and you'll be gettin' close to a Tax rebate.. or the end of the world as my friend says[Derp, just now read you didn't have one; yay for skimming X-x]). Anyhow, you said you like alot of console franchises over Computer ones, which only makes me beleive you should just wait it out and get more cash together before you take the plunge. If you can play what you have already, you don't really need to get a new pc or you'll end up like my buddies did when I taught them how to build computers where they CONSTANLY gotta spend money on the newest, bestest upgrade as soon as it hits shelves. On a side note: I'm sad to see AMD is droppin' out of the PC processor affair. RIP:
  13. Played it a couple days when it came out for a little. Haven't touched it at all since then. I really should put some more work into it though.
  14. Long before Season 2 aired they stated that Derpy was gonna be put in a a sort of "Where's Waldo" type deal for the fans to notice. Basically, you better start gettin' use to it.
  15. Don't have it on Console myself, but when I watched a review they mentioned console versions having some excessive load times or somesuch. Also Texture poppin' is also something I see on console games a lot nowadays.