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  1. I hope they don't take away backstabing I'm saying to reduce it instead of a huge amount like they can cut it by 1/4 or 1/2
  2. Ik I play medic a lot but I don't see many effective medic's anymore I just see Medic's use Syringe guns and Crossbows and they usually die quickly.
  3. 1. Protip: turn around and hit M1 2. Every Hale server does this, you know. It's not really OP because Hale has so much health and does so much damage, why would you choose the Kritz over being able to take hits from hale for no damage? Splitting them is only going to promote the usage of one Medigun, and then we'd be stuck at the same problem we have now; except with a worse Medigun. 3. I kinda agree with this one; although you could simply dodge the spells, this is a stupid thing to put on anything except Halloween maps. Also who plays Sniper on this game mode? 4. "I want to nerf stuns because some hacker stunned me and caused me to die." 5. So basically what I gather is that you're the unlucky bastard. Final verdict 4/10, could be better argument. 1. If you focus on the spy until he's dead ...well already over cause he has a Dead Ringer. If you don't focus on the spy until he is dead well......1 backstab does a lot of damage and when you do hit him .....he has a Dead Ringer, and the spy is not always behind you. 2. I didn't know that all hale servers did that, and It was more then the medigun and kritz i was talking bout. I was also talking bout the Quick-Fix and Vaccinator saying there under powered and maybe they could be in there for variety by making a few tweeks. 3. You can't really dodge spells when your surrounded and when someone is stunned and you try to kill them. People do play snipers...were have you been. 4. If you get stunned for 7 seconds they have time to take away more then half your health and I think it should be limited down a bit. 5. It would be more of a challenge if the hale teleportation went to the player that did the most damage making it more difficult for the Red Team. I don't know bout you but i love a challenge not an instant death. Final Verdict ....You could read before posting.
  4. Things I find that I believe should change 1. Spies are op When there is a full server of people and 1 person is a spy and gets a backstab its insane how much damage they do. I've seen spies take out a hale by themselves cause there op. You need 100 points for queue points. The spies backstab (on a full server) DOES 4000 damage WTH I thought it was a challenge to get more then 9000 damage but when your spy its a piece of cake especially sense all spies have a dead ringer. So not only can spies do a crazy amount of damage they can fake there own death which makes it even harder for the hales to win. So downgrade the spies so backstabs only do a set amount (1000 is good) or only allow 1 cause there that op. 2. Medigun problems I'm glad what they did with the quick fix (besides not being able to be healed -_- ) but the medigun and kritz are different. They both make you invulnerable and they give you kritz defeating the purpose of the mediguns. That's OP. It should be invulnerability for the medigun and kritz for the kritz, not both ways. The Quick-fix and Vaccinator are both under powered tho cause the Vaccinator is only good against bosses that have weapons other then melee and the point of the quick fix is to heal...HEAL both you and the patient but in here is disables healing for you which destroys 1/2 the purpose of it. 3. Get rid of the spells Simple to the point ..,.... make it easier for everyone. When I person can use spells while STUNNED ....that shouldn't happen and there are spells that send the hale 50 feet in the air and that allows sniper to shoot them for extra damage 4. Hale stun limit and Report issues I believe when the hale gets stunned it should be for a set amount of time like 1.5 or 2 seconds cause I was playing on Nucleus and this kid had a aim-bot and he hit me with a sand man ball stunning me for 7 seconds allowing spies to kill me in a couple of backstabs and when I reported him nothing happend until an admin came on played for a little bit and then banned him. 5. Hale teleportation I know some hales can teleport but IMOPO (In my own personal opinion) hales should teleport to the most dangerous player (One's that have dealt the most damage) Instead of some unlucky guy that's not getting any points suddenly dies because the hale tele'd to him/her.